Bitter sweet

My last day of work was a bag of mixed emotions. I am so eager and excited to start my new adventure but saying good bye to the people I have spent 6 years with was harder then I thought.

My day started and ended at work very quickly - I started at 730 and by 9 am I was walking out for the last time. Saying good bye was the hardest - tears came even though I tried to hold them back. These relationships will be missed. I have walked away with a few true friendships but so many people touched me that I can't forget them.

As the tears came down and I walked out for the last time I have to say it was very nice to do it with my counterpart. I don't remember if I mentioned it or not but my very close co-worker left the same day as me. We have worked so close over the years and to end this chapter together was great - I am sure our relationship will grow especially since we have kids close in the same age.

The best lunch date EVER

my farmers market finds

My fav perfume Love Spell
After I dropped him off at home the day started getting even better. I did a little shopping and then I headed to get my daughter NOT the boy if I pick him up early he would be mad because today is Jamba Juice day! The girl and I did a little more shopping, had lunch and even shopped the farmers market! I could get use to getting paid to stay at home!

When we got home the daughter took a nap and I was off to workout. Starting the couch to 5k again. I am getting ready for the river baby! I also just won $37.50 on diet bet for losing 4% - now lets double that and it would make me happy!

After a quick shower it was dinner with my mom - time to celebrate!

Happy Birthday Mom

Just wait to see what I have an order for my full week off! So excited

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  1. Happy Monday friend! I hope you enjoy every second of this week- you deserve it. How nice it must have been to not have to close that work chapter alone. I wish you the VERY best at your new job. You are simply amazing and deserve all the happiness and success the world has to offer.


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