Monday was my first day of my "jobless" week and I wanted it to count. My BFF and I have a hard time getting together - we are both wives, mothers, full-time career women and just all around BUSY. We talk several times a day but to get together is priceless {actually we really don't ever want to add up what we spend when we get together - yikes}.

I started my day off by taking my babies to school and coming back home to workout. I was able to workout uninterrupted for an hour - gasp**. I got in arms, abs and my couch to 5K workout. It felt so good to do that first thing in the morning and I enjoyed every sweating moment of it.

After my shower I was racing out the door to meet my BFF for massages. She is amazing and had gift certificates for us to use. 1 hour of quiet ME time - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

my BFF after our massage

She is going to kill me but this is the one photo of us so I have to share - I love her :))) This is our after massage photo - sexy right????

We loaded up in her car and we were off for shopping. We stopped in so many damn stores but it was craziness - just nothing was jumping out at me. I seriously walked away with a few items [at least enough to start my job with].

Being together we can chat and shop for hours and never repeat anything or have a lack of something to say - she is the ying to my yang for sure. We headed to lunch and then we were off again to more shopping. Shopping lead us to go see The Silver Lining {boring and I would NOT recommend it at all} BUT at least I had my dark chocolate covered sea salt almonds and Black Tea/Lemonade unsweetened.

The movie seemed to take FORRRRRRRREEEEEEEVERRR but spending anytime with the BFF is worth it. We then headed to dinner - yum yum {do you see a trend here???}

All in all it was an amazing day and I see more scheduled days together a lot sooner this time.

What do you do with your BFF?

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Red jacket and lace shirt
$50 bucks

Lace top Marshall's $15 bucks

Calvin Klein shirt Nordstrom Rack
$30 bucks

Not a work outfit
but for $15 bucks at Forever 21 I loved it

New workout clothes
JC Penny
Pants - 12 bucks
Shirt - 7 bucks 

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