Behavioral charts

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As a parent you want to ensure that you are raising well rounded kids while making them responsible, polite, smart and on the flip side not making yourself go crazy.

Well you are all aware that I take care of the kids Monday - Thursday by myself in the morning and picking them up - so I can be a little umm frazzled to say the least.

A few months ago I caught myself literally YELLING none stop at the kids - I swear that was the only way I could get them to do anything. I was losing it and I was losing the battle as a parent. I started talking to other parents and even my therapist. They said I had conditioned my Kids to only listen when I yell - oh great see all my fault - haha.

I had several people suggest chore and behavioral charts - bingo. We set up a weekly spreadsheet for chores and things to work on ( I googled and found free printable sheets).

The boy - dumping the trash, putting his clean clothes away, dishes, eating all of his veggies, making his bed every morning. For his things to work on list includes: listening, no arms in his shirt (he puts his arms in his shirt and it stretches it out), no talking back, no fighting.

The girl - making her bed, putting her clean clothes away, dishes, eating all of her veggies and straightening the pillows in the living rooms. For her things to work on includes: listening, no whining, no talking back and no fighting.

If they get 35 stickers and less then 3 sad faces they receive $2 dollars a week.

So how does this work? We sit down with them and go over the chart and stickers - we are not going to yell - they know what they need to do and we remind them but if they don't listen they do not get a sticker and they do not get their allowance. If they continue not to do what they are told they could get a sad face.

We have been doing this for over a month and it is going good. They are excited and want to get stickers that lead to allowance. Our yelling is WAY less and not needed to get things done.

They have received allowance all but one week - they didn't have enough stickers - aka they didn't do all of their chores. This upset them so this past week they have been on top of it even before we ask.

So with a five and a four year what do they do with money? I have a few cute stories for you.

The girl - nothing yet.

The boy - he came to me wanting to buy games for his kindle fire. The first game was $2 bucks - I told him and he came with all of his allowance. I told him $2 bucks please - he counted it out and handed it to me and I pushed buy app. After that he said he wanted Star Wars Angry Birds ( which btw he loves). I told him $3 bucks. He looked at his money and counted it and said nah one game is enough! Ahhh look how he is thinking about money already! Loved it.

Then this past week he said he wanted Jamba Juice at school. On Fridays they have it at school. I said ok but he has to use his allowance. Loving that he is seeing the results of doing his chores and earning money and he is deciding what he wants to spend it on.

All in all this method is working for us. I am not as stressed, I am not yelling,

$ 2 dollars 

$2 dollars allowance


  1. I love that idea! I will definitely have to start something similar

  2. yay- so exciting! Glad the charts are working out. So cute they are starting to learn the value of their money. Also I love how you have the no arm in shirt rule- little things make me know how alike we really are.

  3. Do you have the link for the printables....we need this!!


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