Against the norm - Vday Really

So the V-Day came and went and I could careless. Now don't get me wrong it is nice to be loved and cherished BUT why only on this Hallmark holiday. We typically don't celebrate it at all - and no the hubs won't get in trouble if he doesn't do anything on that day.

Am I the only women who sees it that way?

Well I think I finally figured out why. My hubs 8 years ago proposed on feb 13 and really what he did to surprise me and propose cant be beat.

This year he did send flowers to me we work and they are beautiful! It was a combo valentines and good luck on my new job.

I also got  a chance to dress up and go out - our church hosted a dinner I am was super excited. Anytime I get to dress up - hello!

See against the norm I am writing about VDay a week later hehe.... 

We went to the dinner with our great friends. 

We are looking forward to many more fun times together with them. 


  1. We don't really celebrate either, but your night sounds fun!

  2. You look fantastic in that dress! We don't really celebrate either. We just try to do a nice date not around the date, but more for good food and time together vs a really valentine's day.


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