A day with sisters

I only have one brother but through marriages I have acquired 6 sisters. And one Saturday I was able to spend time with many of them.

I started the day with 3 of them as we headed to watch Safe Haven - a little get together and late birthday celebration. The movie was okay - typical Nicholas Sparks. After watching the movie for a while I remembered I read the book as well. I am for sure a crier - of course I was the only one to cry. After the movie and a quick picture it was off to my grandmas house.

It was the day that we learned The family recipe for stroganoff. My preggo sister and I were having a cooking lesson. My hubs told me I need to learn it or he is letting me go - the recipe is that good - haha.

It was fun to hang out with my grand mom, mom and sister for this experience.

Isn't she so cute???

And the food came out amazing like always.

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