We attended my nieces dedication and it was so beautiful. I think she is the cutest baby ever. We attended my BIL and SIL church so we could be present for our nieces dedication.

Our kids are pros at attending Sunday school so they were eager to meet new friends and then we headed into the service,

A few things were different here - this was a satellite sermon so we watched the paster on a Big screen - that was for sure different for us. I am use to personally seeing and talking with our pastor. And the chairs were folding chairs so they were a little hard (our church is a converted movie theater - comfort all the way). However, despite the differences the worship was amazing {my BIL is part of it} and the sermon was relatable to like and touched me today.

After the sermon was over it was time for the angel to be dedicated. She is beautiful and so lucky she has amazing parents.

I am so glad we were able to be part of this special moment.

It cost him...

A LONG time ago - probably 5 months or so I asked my hubs if he could build me a nail polish rack. I found examples And shared them with him. We even wrote it on the many Honey To Do Lists around the house. Time went by and I still didn't have Anything. I was for sure there would be one under the Christmas tree - but in luck. Well finally at the end of January I was fed up of waiting and I searched Etsy. I found one I loved and it cost him big time! I pushed order and all I had to do was wait for its arrival.

After pushing ORDER I changed his to do list to just "hanging" the nail rack. 

Well my nail rack came in and the hubs told me he was tired and it could wait - WTH I already waited months. So I pouted, frowned and kissed him up and finally with a chuckle he went to hang it up. 
and look more room to add additional colors
So I went from a bin to this.....

What do you think? 

A day with sisters

I only have one brother but through marriages I have acquired 6 sisters. And one Saturday I was able to spend time with many of them.

I started the day with 3 of them as we headed to watch Safe Haven - a little get together and late birthday celebration. The movie was okay - typical Nicholas Sparks. After watching the movie for a while I remembered I read the book as well. I am for sure a crier - of course I was the only one to cry. After the movie and a quick picture it was off to my grandmas house.

It was the day that we learned The family recipe for stroganoff. My preggo sister and I were having a cooking lesson. My hubs told me I need to learn it or he is letting me go - the recipe is that good - haha.

It was fun to hang out with my grand mom, mom and sister for this experience.

Isn't she so cute???

And the food came out amazing like always.

It was meant to be

Right after Christmas my honey told me I could get any Michael Kors bag I wanted. I had tagged a few that I liked and we even went to Nordstrom and Macy's and nothing jumped out at me saying buy me! So instead I just got my wonderful watch.

Well I headed out to the outlets today because I was in need for a laptop bag. I originally thought Coach but then Michael Kors was calling my name and with 50% off and sales I couldn't resist.

As I snatched up a purse and laptop bag for the same price as what I thought for one - woo hoo!

See sometimes it is meant to be.....

The Proposal

Eight years ago I answered a question that has forever changed my life. I said YES to true happiness.

The hubs and I had only been dating 5 months and it was our first valentines together. He had planned the entire weekend and wanted to surprise me  - 1st I HATE surprises. Everything was a secret and his mother knew about it. I was getting so upset about it I told him I wasn't going and wanted to break up with him {yes I really did that bitch I know}.

After his mom threatened my life that I had to go. We packed my car and off we went.

We were headed to the beach - I remember driving down there and he missed the toal [$50 dollar ticket arrived later]. We ended up pulling up to this amazing hotel in Laguna - surf and sand. Beautiful and so expensive. As we were escorted to our room it was opened and I walked into a basket of chocolate covered strawberries, wine and a cute basket.  We unpacked and took a stroll down the street.

So relaxing, romantic and peaceful. I on the other hand was a wreak. Why did I try to ruin this for us?.. Argh

Well the next night he made reservations for dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. As we were getting ready he tried to open the bottle of wine -well it kind of spilled everywhere so as I am trying to clean up we look out our window and we see dolphins jumping. I am trying to get his attention yet he is taking forever {or I thought } tying his shoes, while he is down there all of a sudden he was on one knee with this huge ring and - I don't remember any words I didn't even hear him talk I was speechless ( me?..) and finally I screamed yes.He said it took me forever to answer him and he got a little scared...

So here is to going on 8 years of bliss.

And to me that Valentine's Weekend can't be beat....

Throwback Thursday

Well as I was sitting up going through photos I ran across an old photo album. Holy hell this is craziness take a look....

I was FAT and I know for sure I thought I was hot shit then (haha). What this does do for me is cherish my memories and be thankful for film and at the same time reinforce my GOOD habits - eat right and be active!

Against the norm - Vday Really

So the V-Day came and went and I could careless. Now don't get me wrong it is nice to be loved and cherished BUT why only on this Hallmark holiday. We typically don't celebrate it at all - and no the hubs won't get in trouble if he doesn't do anything on that day.

Am I the only women who sees it that way?

Well I think I finally figured out why. My hubs 8 years ago proposed on feb 13 and really what he did to surprise me and propose cant be beat.

This year he did send flowers to me we work and they are beautiful! It was a combo valentines and good luck on my new job.

I also got  a chance to dress up and go out - our church hosted a dinner I am was super excited. Anytime I get to dress up - hello!

See against the norm I am writing about VDay a week later hehe.... 

We went to the dinner with our great friends. 

We are looking forward to many more fun times together with them. 

Back to work

My first day I had so many thoughts and emotions even built up excitement.

BUT here is the reality of the day

I woke up a little later then I wanted to so I didn't get to workout { as I type this I am in my workout gear trying to get it in before bed}.

Then the boy woke up SICK - omg really? Argh.... I ended up calling my brother and he came here from a dead sleep to watch my boy. The best $40 bucks ever [hey gas is expensive]. He stayed with him and made sure he rested and took his meds - it made it easier for me to NOT worry my first day.

Now going in at 9 allowed me to have time to even start a crockpot dinner!

As I left to work I had plenty of time or I thought. I got lost and made it to work right on time. Lesson learned as to how to get there. I arrived at my scheduled time however the other HR people not in sight. One of the best things about this job is the ability to set my own schedule.

Everyone in the office is super nice and I spent a few hours picking out my office supplies.

I had lunch with the other two HR managers and it was nice to get a feel for the environment and other employees.

I already feel that I made a great choice.

Here is my outfit for my first day...

What do you think?

Recap of my "jobless" week

Monday - Shopping and a full day with my BFF ----> check it out here 

Tuesday - I worked out and straightened up the house before heading to drop my car of to get serviced. I sat at the dealership for about 4 hours and searched on their free wifi, read a magazine and even over 1/2 of my new book. It was nice to just sit there - no where to go, no one to see, just peaceful time. My father in law did come and take me to lunch - it was nice for a little distraction. And to be honest I miss him. I was use to seeing him 5 days a week for almost 6 years. After my car was done (they didn't find anything wrong - wth???). I was racing for the big event... The reveal of my brother's baby (we are having a .... go check it out here)

Thursday - FILLED up my day with errands. Today I didn't feel like working out in the morning so it made my whole day blah. I headed to my  appointment. This time it was good - the last time I saw here I was going through so much with my job journey I was feeling depressed NOW I am feeling amazing. After having a great session I headed to Starbucks then another shopping spree at Nordstrom Rack to kill a little time before my hair appointment. I am trying to grow my hair out (the first time in ages). Having my hair dresser wash and blow dry my hair is the best. As soon as I win the lotto I am putting her on FULL TIME. After a relaxing moment it was go time - head to get two kids for their dental appointment - SCORE teeth in great shape. Until the next time - 6 month appointment already booked. 

Friday - it was a relaxing morning. The hubs took both kids to school and I worked out, clean out my closet and drawers while doing all of the laundry. I even got all of our tax stuff ready for our appointment.  I had a dentist appointment - all good here. Then the hubs and I took a short nap before taking our daughter for her check up to start kindergarten. 4 big shots - she did making inking the 3rd shot. Then it was off to help my brother register for their baby! Had a blast and of course I had to buy a few things. 

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Storage for the boys room

Having a boy means (at least in this house) tons of hot wheels, hot wheel tracks, Ninjagos and Bayblades. All of that equals a mess in his room and when it comes to vacuuming argh!!

Well as I was pondering what I want it hit me - a pullout draw for under his bed. I imagined it and explained to my hubs and he took it and ran with it { really after asking him for MONTHS I finally just said let's go to Home Depot}.

$90 dollars later and a week later the project is complete.

I have to say I am pretty impressed that my idea and my hubs execution came out wonderfully.

What do you think? - the boy picked the color.

What do you think?

Harley rider

I am so proud of my mother. For her birthday this year we got her the motorcycle driving course. She has wanted a Harley for some time so this was her first step. The class consists of 1 five hour classroom class and 2 five hour instructional on the bike classes.

After the first bike day she was so excited about it but so sore. For the last class they do the riding test. My brother, brothers fiancée, the hubs and kids and I went down to surprise her. We didn't want to make her nervous so we hide behind other cars.

She did so good! We were giddy for her. We got there in time to watch her do the test part. After the riding part was done the teacher passes out certifications of thee that past - she received one and was screaming and smiling we could hear her at the car.

As she was leaving we came out to her and she came running! I haven't seen her so happy before! The proudness I felt was overwhelming! I love her so much!

Way to go mom - I guess it is time to go Harley shopping.

We are having a .....

We are having a boy!

Well actually my brother and his fiancée are having a baby but I call this the family baby. I am beyond excited for this. My brother and I are so close and to experience this with the two of them is the best feeling.

My brother is going to be an amazing dad. I don't know if I ever mentioned this but my brother was our sons primary care giver up until our son was 8 weeks old and went to full time child care. They have an amazing bond. 

My brother is so protective of both of my kids so to see him with his own is great.
Also, there is a side of me that can't wait for especially him to experience the REAL deal with being a parent. It is hard, it is expensive and it is all on you - I truly believe this baby will be his big wake up call for what he wants for him and his growing families future.

Now back to me (haha this is my blog). Being an aunt means I can spoil and love all of the great parts without the crying, lack of sleep, weight gain or diapers. I can't wait to hold him, give him kisses and be the best aunt ever.

For our children to have a cousin that will be raised like siblings is just the way my brother and I were raised with ours cousins.

Well we are off to register for the upcoming baby shower. We will be hosting the baby shower at my house and we will be planning it with her sister as well.

Keep posted because it is going to get baby crazy around here...

Behavioral charts

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As a parent you want to ensure that you are raising well rounded kids while making them responsible, polite, smart and on the flip side not making yourself go crazy.

Well you are all aware that I take care of the kids Monday - Thursday by myself in the morning and picking them up - so I can be a little umm frazzled to say the least.

A few months ago I caught myself literally YELLING none stop at the kids - I swear that was the only way I could get them to do anything. I was losing it and I was losing the battle as a parent. I started talking to other parents and even my therapist. They said I had conditioned my Kids to only listen when I yell - oh great see all my fault - haha.

I had several people suggest chore and behavioral charts - bingo. We set up a weekly spreadsheet for chores and things to work on ( I googled and found free printable sheets).

The boy - dumping the trash, putting his clean clothes away, dishes, eating all of his veggies, making his bed every morning. For his things to work on list includes: listening, no arms in his shirt (he puts his arms in his shirt and it stretches it out), no talking back, no fighting.

The girl - making her bed, putting her clean clothes away, dishes, eating all of her veggies and straightening the pillows in the living rooms. For her things to work on includes: listening, no whining, no talking back and no fighting.

If they get 35 stickers and less then 3 sad faces they receive $2 dollars a week.

So how does this work? We sit down with them and go over the chart and stickers - we are not going to yell - they know what they need to do and we remind them but if they don't listen they do not get a sticker and they do not get their allowance. If they continue not to do what they are told they could get a sad face.

We have been doing this for over a month and it is going good. They are excited and want to get stickers that lead to allowance. Our yelling is WAY less and not needed to get things done.

They have received allowance all but one week - they didn't have enough stickers - aka they didn't do all of their chores. This upset them so this past week they have been on top of it even before we ask.

So with a five and a four year what do they do with money? I have a few cute stories for you.

The girl - nothing yet.

The boy - he came to me wanting to buy games for his kindle fire. The first game was $2 bucks - I told him and he came with all of his allowance. I told him $2 bucks please - he counted it out and handed it to me and I pushed buy app. After that he said he wanted Star Wars Angry Birds ( which btw he loves). I told him $3 bucks. He looked at his money and counted it and said nah one game is enough! Ahhh look how he is thinking about money already! Loved it.

Then this past week he said he wanted Jamba Juice at school. On Fridays they have it at school. I said ok but he has to use his allowance. Loving that he is seeing the results of doing his chores and earning money and he is deciding what he wants to spend it on.

All in all this method is working for us. I am not as stressed, I am not yelling,

$ 2 dollars 

$2 dollars allowance


Monday was my first day of my "jobless" week and I wanted it to count. My BFF and I have a hard time getting together - we are both wives, mothers, full-time career women and just all around BUSY. We talk several times a day but to get together is priceless {actually we really don't ever want to add up what we spend when we get together - yikes}.

I started my day off by taking my babies to school and coming back home to workout. I was able to workout uninterrupted for an hour - gasp**. I got in arms, abs and my couch to 5K workout. It felt so good to do that first thing in the morning and I enjoyed every sweating moment of it.

After my shower I was racing out the door to meet my BFF for massages. She is amazing and had gift certificates for us to use. 1 hour of quiet ME time - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

my BFF after our massage

She is going to kill me but this is the one photo of us so I have to share - I love her :))) This is our after massage photo - sexy right????

We loaded up in her car and we were off for shopping. We stopped in so many damn stores but it was craziness - just nothing was jumping out at me. I seriously walked away with a few items [at least enough to start my job with].

Being together we can chat and shop for hours and never repeat anything or have a lack of something to say - she is the ying to my yang for sure. We headed to lunch and then we were off again to more shopping. Shopping lead us to go see The Silver Lining {boring and I would NOT recommend it at all} BUT at least I had my dark chocolate covered sea salt almonds and Black Tea/Lemonade unsweetened.

The movie seemed to take FORRRRRRRREEEEEEEVERRR but spending anytime with the BFF is worth it. We then headed to dinner - yum yum {do you see a trend here???}

All in all it was an amazing day and I see more scheduled days together a lot sooner this time.

What do you do with your BFF?

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Red jacket and lace shirt
$50 bucks

Lace top Marshall's $15 bucks

Calvin Klein shirt Nordstrom Rack
$30 bucks

Not a work outfit
but for $15 bucks at Forever 21 I loved it

New workout clothes
JC Penny
Pants - 12 bucks
Shirt - 7 bucks 

Watching Movies...Kind of....

For the last 5 1/2 years my main type of movies that I am watching is kid related or hello - every single twilight movie.

Well as a mom with kids we have tons of kid movies yet I can't really say I have actually watched all of them in their entirety. I can't watch movies in the car yet I hear them while the kids watch them. I can't remember a time that I go to the theater and one kid or another doesn't need to go to the bathroom (me included on this).

But this past weekend I finally got to watch Madagascar 3 - Europe's Most Wanted (I know it as - Afro Circus). So I have watched parts of the movie, heard parts of the movie but NEVER watched it from start to end. Well we finally did it!! including the hubs got to watch it all as well and you know what that movie is great. I highly recommend it.

As a parent does this happen to you?
Is there that one movie that you are dying to see? Well whatever it is make tonight or this weekend the time to due it!!

Shopping and a few new outfits

I am starting to appreciate this new job thing FIRST off the shopping for new clothes is in full force. My very first day out I already found a couple cute outfits.

My first stop was Kohl's - I typically find a few cute things  - LET ME TELL YOU NOTHING this time. I tried on several outfits and they all just were not right.

With my daughter in tow I hit NEW YORK and Company (the perfect place for pants and they had BOGO 50% off) and the LOFT and my favorite Marshall's (hit and miss obviously).

Outfit #1
Black Pants ~ Black Shirts ~ Green Sweater
Total Cost $78 dollars
Red shoes I didn't get because they were too big

Outfit #2
Pants and  Shoes ~ JCPenny
$25 shoes $17 Pants
My first try at ankle pants I like them
Sweater - Christmas present

Outfit #3
Top - Loft - $27 dollars
Pants - NY and Co $40 bucks
I feel I am off to a good start and I also need to remember that this is a new place of employment and HELLO all of my current clothes are NEW to them...

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