The Employee Handbook said what???

Well with my new job approaching very soon I am having to fill out all of the new employment stuff - geez I realize What a pain in the ass this was for all my new employees having to do HOWEVER now that I am doing it SHIT it is a lot to do. I am also being a great employee and even better HR person by actually reading everything ( I have to set an example right???).

Well as I am reading my employee handbook {which I would normally just read the last page and sign it} I go over the dress policy and guess what it says............ NO DENIM - WTH??? Oh my gosh I have got so use to wearing jeans to work that about 80% of my closet is jeans and t-shirts - yikes.

HOWEVER, the bright side it is time to go SHOPPING. I have a budgeted amount set aside and guess what the hubs gave me a bigger budget on it!!!

So here are a few things that I would love to buy {the cheaper the better of course}

This but with it buttoned up just a little

As you can see I LOVE black and grey's but I do go with the "in fashion" colors to add to it.
I typically like to go with regular black slacks and I want to punch them up with cute shoes and tops.

So I will report back to you with what I get...

What is your style?
What is your "go-to" item?

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  1. I love that first outfit so much! I would die without some jeans, but I think I could manage with all those cute outfits:)

  2. Super cute!! Love the black sweater!

  3. Awesome, love the first set. Black is the perfect outfit you can dress it up or down.

  4. I would die if I couldn't wear do love your options though, it's been quite some time since I had a job that required me to look that nice! Congrats on the new job btw!

  5. Such cute outfits!!! Even better that T increased the budget. Wish I could go on a spree with you.


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