Sunday Social - all about the 3's

To get back in the swing of things I thought I would do a link up . Because I am waiting for pictures of our wonderful weekend.

Top 3 foods - cucumbers with Greek yogurt, dark chocolate sea salt anything and pizza thin crust with mushrooms. I really am a lover of food but these three I am just getting hungry typing about it.

First 3 things you do when you wake up: snooze as long as possible, shower and take vitamins - the wonderful adult gummy ones!

The last 3 things you do before bed : prayers with the babies, wash face, pee.

3 shows you don't miss. Ok with this I have to say I use a DVR so I never know when shows actually come on but the shows that I love currently are: Tia & Tamara, NCIS LA and RHOA.

3 places I want to visit: New York, Colorado and Paris - so random.

3 people you can count on : hubs, mom and brother

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  1. Your blog is looking fantastic!!! I too take gummy vitamins lol.


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