No KIDS Allowed

A few weeks ago my BFF and I FINALLY got to go out. A girl’s night so excited. A night for us without hubbies without kids is PRICELESS. We first headed Starbucks (of course – you know me – Black Ice Tea with Lemonade unsweetened) {the BFF had a gift card – thank you very much} then we were off to the cheap theater to see Pitch Perfect {she paid for me – hey it was only $3 bucks each hehe} . OKAY that movie was just to cute – predictable yet entertaining. We ended up having to park {she drove us} pretty far from the movie theater so when we exited I swear I wanted to climb into my BFF’s arms for her to hold me – that cold!! Once in the car with the heater blasted I was finally defrosting. We headed over to Pei Wei {I love this place and they are closing up everywhere so we drove to the closest one BUT yummy} – again the BFF had a gift card.

This was turning out to the best date I have had in a long time – I was wined, dined and paid for with no “deed” needed at the end haha.

Sorry… back to the story. Well while we were at Pei Wei on our kid less night just chatting, cursing, talking about sex and everything and anything on our minds UNTIL they set the adorable family next to us – 2 kids about the age of our children. They were screaming, yelling, complaining – just being kids. This is when it hit me WTF??? Why don’t restaurants have a NO KIDS ALLOWED section?? I am so for it. I have kids and I get it – the rarity that us parents get with children should be cherished and honored. So how do I start a petition for this – anyone????

Also, stay tuned I have some great NEWS to share with everyone very soon.... And maybe I will start writing about my kids too hehe!!


  1. Let me be the first to sign! Kids are cute at times, but when I am on a kid free night I don't want to be by anyone else's kids. The bar is kid free, but I don't always want to sit there lol. So EXCITED for you and I am glad you got to enjoy a night out. Pitch Perfect is pretty cute!

  2. Sounds like an amazing night and I'd happily sign that petition. I'd love for restaurants to have a families with kids section too!


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