New Year New Me 2013

As I sit here thinking woo wee where did 2012 go??
So many wonderful things happened in 2012 but also so many painful growing moments occurred as well.
But I am LEARNING to play the hand I was given to the fullest.
Sometimes it is GOOD
Sometimes it is BAD
Sometimes I don't know why something is happening until later
I have started my 2013 Goals (personal, family, career) {I even posted it on instagram}
For me GOALS are meant to be followed, to guide you, to be changed, to be added to
BUT always on my mind.
2013 Goals
- Healthy lifestyle - food choices and exercise
- Exercise - cardio and cross-fit at least 4x a week
- Make homemade meals at least 5x a week
- Family FIRST
- Bonding time with children - individually and as a family
- Enhance our couple relationship - at least 1 date night a month
- Grow spiritually as a family
- Friendship - have couple dates, girls nights or game nights at least 2x quarterly
- Save Money
- Keep out of credit card debt
- Career - grow knowledge, make connections increase worth
- Enjoy more
- Be in the moment
I want 2013 to focus on a LIFESTYLE not a weight loss or short term goal. The above goals will MAKE life happier, life longer and above all STRESS/WORRY less!!!
When I can get a lifestyle change - my weight will be where I want it {10lbs less then I am now}, career {I will be where I am suppose to be}, FAMILY {will be stronger, healthier, happier}.
What are your goals???


  1. I'm in a weird spot with being pregnant and it being New Years resolution time, but I agree with most of your resolutions. Especially the home cooked meals thing - with Pinterest to help me, I have no excuse not to cook more and eat out less!

  2. Good grief can you just move closer and kick my butt in gear? Mmmkay thanks! Love you!

  3. Good luck! My goal is to have more patience and take time to enjoy my family

  4. Love your list of goals! Happy New Year!

  5. Great goals! Looks a whole lot like my list!

  6. Get it girl! I wish you the very best 2013 possible and this will be the year we get to connect in person!!!!


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