Looking Good this NEW YEAR

With 2013 upon us and my career moving forward once again. It is time to get back on my blogging horse - oh how I have missed it. I didn't realize how much until something finally popped in my head. I feel a come back coming [ you have been warned].

While I am back I wanted to say HI to all of my new followers and give you a little piece of me and of course I can not say THANK YOU enough to my faithful followers.
My name is Sharee' and I blog right here {duh haha}. I started this blog as a way for me to have something just for ME. I am a mom, I am a wife, I am a full-time career woman who is trying to FIT it all in while staying FIT.
I say what I want.
I do what I want
and I enjoy having all of you around for this ride.
I love reading comments and I respond to all of them [so make sure your email is hooked up to your comments].

So please keep reading and I tell you the relationships I have found our amazing, the support is beyond belief and I think I will stick around for a while longer.

On that I wanted a NEW look for the NEW YEAR and my wonderful fellow blogger Chris over at Hubby Jacks Blog Attack did it up right. He better since I am one of his biggest fans stalkers. Go check out when I got the Hubbies Award!!

Don't forget about the giveaway I have going on as well!

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  1. You my friend do fit it all in somehow! Good luck on your new career path! You are going to be faboo! Love you!


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