Kidless nights

Kid less nights. Nights that are ON my schedule. Nights that I can cook what I want, workout when I want, watch what I want on TV, just do what I want.
We are coming to the end of CHRISTmas break (yes to me CHRISTmas break NOT winter break) and the hubs finally went back to work (off two weeks got to love the CITY - jealous really) and of course I am at work (I get 6 holidays and 2 weeks vacation I rock - NOT) so with no school for our kids our family helped out A LOT. The family that helped us is not far but far enough that getting them there before and after school was a little too much so they offered to let them spend the night - SCORE.
The first night right after work I went straight to the tanning bed {okay don't knock me ONE it is for medical reasons I have psoriasis and HELLz bells it is so relaxing} after that I went home and made dinner - yes a yummy dinner that I would LOVE - pasta, sausage and TONS of veggies.
After dinner it was time for working out [started a new regime plus I joined check it out]. I did abs, arms and cardio then it was off to a bath and reading a great book. All of this was done by 8 PM yeap that's right - I was able to accomplish all of that and still have time to... don't get excited the hubs and I layed in bed and face timed the babies then we actually went to bed early - that's it!
Day 2 - kid free - I got to work an HOUR early!!! After work I went straight home and started dinner - yummy chicken! and then it was workout time we had a date night planned.
After my workout and shower and eating scarfing dinner we were off to the movies. The hubs really wanted to see Skyfall [ok I really don't care]. We made it to the movies in perfect time. It was so nice to see an adult movie and not care about time... Well about an hour into the movie {at this point it is finally getting good} so M***** F***ER started smoking POT in the theater. WTH????? Seriously??
Now NO I do not smoke it I am against it being legalized (I am in HR guys it doesn't help me) BUT really if you do it I don't care BUT in the enclosed theater - seriously - do you know how rare and IMPORTANT nights without kids are??? NO you don't because if you did you wouldn't have ruined the movie for us.
We left and complained to management - yes I am one who does that.
They gave us free tickets and we left PISSED off.
What a way to end our kid free nights... argh
OH OH I almost forgot to tell you that earlier this day the "late" hubs gift came....
My ROSE GOLD Michael Kors watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited. So to save the night we went to have a few links removed and walked around the Apple store - I might become a MAC user.....
Well everyone - what do you do when you have kid free nights?
What would you have done if someone did that in your theater??

I don't know why my pictures are so small sorry had to load them through my phone...


  1. What's a kidless night??? ;-)

    Ahhh, love that watch! I have one from Target so I'm almost as fancy as you.

    Who smokes pot in a theater. Seriously?!?

  2. Looks like you had 2 perfect kidless nights. I am starting to freak out how rare it will actually be to get out without the baby. Scary thought. So happy you got your watch- it is absolutely stunning!

  3. I love your watch! We are supposed to have a kidless night soon, but our gift cert for overnight stay at the hotel expires in March. I'm not holding my breath. :)


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