It happened again...Tales of an Accident Prone Hubby

Growing up I was active YET not active enough to get hurt. I didn't play sports or rough house I mean come on I got my Letterman jacket for academics and FFA (yes I did so leave it be). My brother played sports but he didn't get hurt much. The only time I can remember my brother being hurt was when he was born he cracked his caller bone and then it broke again I think at 1 or 2 years old {until my hubs came in my life and we bought my brother his first dirt bike and guess what he broke his other collar bone - no joke}

So let me tell you being married to an ACCIDENT PRONE husband - well it is interesting to say the least.

To give you a full understanding since being married to my wonderful accident prone hubby the following has happened:

- Jammed his thumb during a race NOW he doesn't have full feeling in it
- Crashed BADLY where he got pinned in between the exhaust and rear tire BETWEEN his legs (pre-kids  didn't have me worried at all NOT) it knocked him out, lost feeling (temporarily) waist down and a HUGE hole in his leg - took off 5 layers of skin - wonderful.
- Road wash - BIG time on his arms and shoulders - watched when they had to scrap that sh** out with a wire brush.
- THE BIG DADDY of accidents - cracked open his skull riding a motorcycle and didn't know who I was. Then we head to the hospital and he throws up all over me and did I mention I was over 7 months pregnant - yeap!

So fast forward to this weekend (amazing family trip to Angie's Run you can read about our last trip here.. this years trip will be up soon)

So this past weekend my hubs decided it was smart {I think stupid - see how women differ} to go for a night ride. LONNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGG story short he went up on a hill and rolled our Rhino and he smashed his hand BADLY. So he was out of commission the rest of the weekend.

I have become a wonderful nurse and I make sure to nurse him back to health because I love him BUT this stuff scares me every time. I now understand how parents and in my case wives would love to wrap their loved ones in bubble warp.

I would LOVE to hinder his spirit and make him STOP his desire to do adrenaline minded activities but it can't be my decision.

So as I PRAY every time he goes out to an activity I just hope the good lord hears me.

So as you can see I am married to accident prone adrenaline addicted man (what a great combo).

So I will PRAY and he will PLAY and I hope that we find a common ground on this.

NOTE: My daughter is accident prone too and now the boy wants to get into BMX racing - OMG.

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  1. Oh no! Glad to hear he is going to be okay. Accident prone is scary!!!


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