This weekend was a blur of activity. The last weekend of the CHRISTmas break and back to the routine of life {school and work}. Surprisingly our weekend was not pre-booked [starting to enjoy a calendar not filled up to the rim]. So we had an IMPROMPTU time.

On Saturday, we started helping my brother clean out their place and then it was lunch with the family and off to home for an afternoon of nothing much. I did get in a trip to target [why can I not leave under $100 bucks???]. We all just vegged in front of the TV to watch Supercross – Go CHAD REED – so happy to see you back on the track. While the TV and racing was on the hubs put together 3 shoe racks for the babies {so many shoes and NO space}.

Sunday well we slept in until 8 am and when we finally stretched ourselves out we decided hey lets go to the Discovery Science Center. None of us have gone before and I had a coupon {go figure haha}. We headed out – looking cute {boots and all}! We enjoyed walking around and having the kids experience so many hands on things: Cookie decorating and eating, meeting Bob the Builder, going in the tornado tunnel, building as a team, grocery shopping, hockey, seeing real snakes {the boy didn’t like it much} – we enjoyed ourselves so much we turned our day trip into an Annual family pass! This is my kind of fun a few hours, lunch then going home!! A win win for the family! Amazing educational trip.
A little shopping anyone???

She is my daughter - poses and all 

Are wonderful family photo 

How many moms do you see??? 

What a tornado feels like - 70+mph wind tunnel

Tickets that turned into Season Passes 

Well, we were not ready to end our day so we ended up heading over to Disneyland with a short detour at Shoe City for these amazing BabyPhat cheap shoes – can’t beat $20 bucks {now I have a spear set in my car because there was no way I was going to walk Disneyland with my boots on – NOPE}.
Way better then heels for Disneyland

We first stopped for lunch then we were off to our favorite {okay maybe my favorite} ride – Pirates of the Caribbean! The line moved well and within 30 minutes we were sitting in our seat. Enjoying the dips and just relaxing. Then it HAPPENED we came out the crowds were IN SANE, the lines were zig sagging past the entrances to the rides – we were out of there {the perks of being a season pass holder}.

All in all we enjoyed our “unplanned” weekend.

I think I like this impromptu attitude. {haha as I am pinning birthday items for our kids birthday party in October 2013}


  1. So jealous you get to go to Disney on a whim! Looks like it was a fun weekend. Love the new shoes!

  2. Most of my weekends ate unplanned. For some reason I have enjoyed this lately.


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