I GOT It.....

Got what -  you may ask???

Well, remember when I wrote Feeling Right now!! If not check it out. This is why I have not had any desire to write because all of my focus was on finding my happiness again and a career that I could continue to love.

Finding a job is so consuming and it seriously sucks the life out of you. I was having so many emotional highs and lows and I hated it - why could so much ride on that one call?? Well it did and it does - my career fulfills me, it supports our family, it provides medical for me and the babies, it gives me "adult" exposure, it is something I love. SO when you are waiting for "that" one call it can be so horrible yet if it is that "right" call the most amazing.

So again what did I get??

I GOT the job.
Yes I did!!
So excited, yet nervous for this new journey.
I am hoping once I get back (or start) our new routine - life and blogging will be much more in the fore front.
CHANGE is happening.
A new job
A new set of hours
A new school for the girl
I think everything will be wonderful but just have to get into the swing of the new.
My new job is still in the HR Field but a different industry.
So I want to THANK everyone for their supportive words, texts, comments and encouragement on this path.
I asked the good LORD to open the doors that were suppose to be open and close the doors that need to be closed!!!



  2. Congratulations!!! I am soooo happy for you!!

  3. I could not be happier for you dear friend. I hope this position is everything you want and more.


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