I found a link up!
Here it goes 
1. What blogs do you visit daily!
Lindsay over at Unsweetened Coco
Dusty over at Girls Love Fried Pickles
Karen over at Patching Hearts
Chris over at Hubby Jack's Blog ATTACK
2. Are you on Instagram? Is so what is your username
HELLO of course I am!! LOVE IT - come check me out momfittingitallin
3. Are you on pinterest? What is your pinterest address and what can we find there.
PINTEREST is making my life either very crazy OR very interesting (depends what I am pinning). I love recipes, I love baking, MY STYLE inspirations, home ideas - ok a ton of items.
4. What is your favorite blog link up?
To be honest I don't really do links up much - just when I feel it - Like this one :)
5. Why do you blog?
I blog as a "space" or "thing" for me!! I enjoy writing, reading and the unaccepted friendships
6. Tell us one random fact about yourself.
I cannot stand to drink out of plastic cups EXCEPT the one from Starbucks or never opened bottle waters.


  1. Thank you! You made my day! On a side note, I only like drinking out of plastic cups.

  2. No plastic cups?! What do you do when you camp?


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