Birth story number 1 - the boy

Our first child - our son. What an amazing miracle. You know by now that he was born via my heart not my belly but I haven't REALLY talked about his birth story.

My hubs and I had tried to get pregnant for awhile: we used the basal temperature, the sticking my butt in the air for an hour after sex, waking up my hubs at 2AM every morning because that was our prime time, having a SCHEDULED do it time. To be honest it was getting old real fast. While we were struggling to get pregnant people were popping around us all of the time - I was never bitter or mad - I truly was happy for them because I would never wish infertility on anyone.

After what felt like forever we went to the doctor (two doctors actually) they told us we would not be able to naturally conceive a child on our own. We mulled over: adoption and in-vetro and on my 27th birthday we walked into an adoption agency in my home town. It was local, it was where I knew - it felt right.

We took a second out of our home (thank GOD before the market crash) and we went to work. We did home visits, AIDS testing, background checks, reference letters, therapist appointments, we created a life book and for some reason we paid to get everything expedited.

Well within 3 months of us walking through the door of the agency we were called that a healthy little boy {our son} was born. SO a little bit of honesty here. They asked if we wanted him - my first reaction was NO - I wasn't ready - I thought we had two years to prepare - we had NOTHING for a baby other then an empty room. I called my husband and he right away said YES, my MIL said YES, my mother said YES and they calmed me down. We called the agency back and said YES. I know bad mom moment...

We raced to the hospital by this time he was 10 hours old and I fell in love with him right away.

5 1/2 years ago
After we held him, cried and feed him. We raced to Babies R Us and dropped about a $1000 for bare minimum items {along with our MIL as well}. We came back that night and feed him and rocked him as long as they would let me. He was MINE, he was my son, he was part of us.

I truly believe that GOD made him just for me [OMG I am crying as I type this].

We came back the next morning at 7am on the dot and loaded him up in the car and off we went. We were a family.

AND I have to say the easiest birth - I would recommend for anyone {haha}

I look at him and I couldn't even think of having life without him. He is so pure, so handsome, all boy and all mine.

I love him so much....

Stay tuned on how the boy brought us our girl.....

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  1. That is such a great story and he is so handsome!

  2. I love this story and my eyes are filled with tears- damn you! I think most people would doubt if they were ready. I am so glad it all worked out for you guys.

  3. He is the greatest gift! It's do funny how whether you give birth or not how if you are meant to be parents it doesn't matter the circumstances. makes my heart love you more that you opened your heart to it all regardless of DNA. Xoxo


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