Birth Story 2 (or 1 depending how you look at it) - the girl

Our son came home and life was just full of surprises and adjustments but undeniable LOVE. He just made us a family. I have to say that he was an EASY amazing baby - perfect angel.

While we were adjusting to having a new born and an instant family - life was full. We were living each day just living and trying to figure it all out.

When our son was about 3 -4 months old I got so sick. Sick as in throwing up, losing more weight and just feeling spent. I thought this was the bad cold going around plus adjusting to taking care of someone full time. Fast forward a few weeks and it dawns on my... ummm I haven't had a period in a long time {something I use to track monthly - that falls on the waist side having a baby}. I took a pregnancy test - an old past pregnancy test on February 9th, 2008 [don't ask I don't know how I remembered that]. After looking at those damn sticks so many times and seeing a negative it SCARED the shit out of me that it said positive. HOW??? we had a newborn already. We were TOLD no it isn't happening. HOLY SHIT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I called in my husband and he was over joyed - WTH???? Are you serious??? I was not thrilled. Remember I am a person that likes doors to close and stay shut - so when the good old LORD changed this plan on me at first I was a little scared {wow two days of great mom moments}. I made my husband swear that he wouldn't tell anyone...yeah right he told his mom, I told my best friend and my family. Other then that the pregnancy stated in the closet until I was about 7 months - I think more out of shock.

HOWEVER, that all changed when I found out I was having my baby GIRL. I was overjoyed and finally started embracing my pregnancy.

Now fast forward a little bit as you all know I was and continue to be on WW so when I was pregnant I only gained 16 pounds. I was so scared to gain weight I only increased my points to accommodate the extra weight and I did splurge when I had a craving but other then I kept it in check.

With reading my blog I am very open about the "planner" in me. I planned my induction - yes you heard me. I wanted to ensure that my doctor was available and I just am a planner. Plus my daughter had NO room.

So we went into the hospital and got all of the needles in and my doctor popped my water. I thought it would be a gosh - nope only a little. Well before that I have to tell you I didn't have ANY contractions well when that water was popped it was like a DIESEL truck hit me. Holy shit it was fast and hard. The nurses kept asking me if I wanted to get meds - I said NO I wanted to try this natural.

About 15 minutes later I went from 3cm to 10cm. They called my doctor and had her come back {barely in time}. They were moving me into my LDR room and as I was being wheeled there my body took over - I kid you NOT your body tells you when to push and there is no stopping it. By this time my family was coming into the room because no one thought I would be giving birth this fast. I kicked everyone out and the hubs took over. He was amazing. I was able to tune everyone out but him. He helped me breath [who knew that shit helped - but it did]. I said I was ready and we started to push - literally three pushes later she was out - 16 minutes of labor. People I am not joking GOD blessed me with another miracle birth. The doctor didn't realize I was not under meds and she gave me a (what is that cut they do down there???) without meds -  now that I felt. She then numbed me alittle and she sewed me up but I was fine.

But my baby girl - I didn't hear her. I was like a baby should scream. I started panicking - there were several doctors by her. Finally this piercing noise came out of her (and she has perfected it over the last 4 years) and they brought her over to me and I was in love. A little me... our family was complete.

4 1/2 years ago
4 1/2 years ago

our complete family

So as I mentioned yesterday I am the proud mommy of two miracle children and without our son we believe we would never have been blessed with our little girl - hence why she is named after him.

So, I would recommend a natural vaginal birth too.

I am stopping at two miracle children because we had the best of both delivery methods, we have our boy and girl and I am afraid if I do it again I will be in labor forever. I believe in quitting when you are ahead!!

What is your birth story??

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  1. You have a beautiful family! I can't believe you did it with no meds.

  2. So sweet. My favorite picture is of the four of you in the hospital. No drugs?! Girl you are a rock star!!!


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