500th post with a side of TMI and randomness

Wow my 500th post - that is incredible. 

I want to make it WONDERFUL and make you go OH this is why I love her - but hey you already do that hehe!!
I am beyond excited because I typically lose interest in something and move on to something new - but this space that I call my own is my savor. It is my outlet - it is my space - say what I want - be me and not care what others think! 

Well that isn't true I do care what you all think and say mostly because ALL of you have been so supportive and encouraging. 

I love this blog.

I love having followers.
I love having blog friends turn into real friendships.
I love the support.
I love the new ideas and opinions.
I love it all.
I love trying new things.

Since being part of this blogging community I have a better since of me and I also have found the greatness of having people that are so different then me and also the individuals that I swear we are like two peas in a pod. 

So since you have stuck around this long I thought I would give you a few TMI and randomness into my life

- I always wear big comfy cotton undies after the deed
- I NEVER sleep naked - I have kids and what if there is a fire people!!
- I love reading romance novels - especially ones with good endings and sex in it.
- I go "poop" for a long time - hello the only "me" time I get. {remember two kids}
- I have never gone to a strip club and I want to go
- I prefer eating to drinking
- I think about getting a tummy tuck but that scar is scary
- I love to sleep
- I have a guy as one of my bestest friends
- I love helping people but it is hard for me to ask for help

So if you are still reading at this point maybe more of you think we are two-peas-in-a-pod 

I hope you all stick around for MUCH longer.

Here is to another 500 posts. 

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  1. Yay!! Congrats on 500! I know the next 500 will be just as great!

  2. Congrats on 500 posts!!! We have so much in common- never sleep naked, bathroom time, undies, sleep, tummy tuck opinion, love it all!!!! I will always pick the wine though lol. I just keep thinking, wow 500 posts is soooo many! I am so glad you stuck with it and that it brought us together friend.


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