Weekend recap: A little "elf" showed up and we found a church

WOW this weekend went by in a blur. I can't believe it has come and gone - similar to this year.

On Friday night my hubby and I started our 7 year anniversary celebration early with a couples massage. Can you say LOVELY??? The hubs and I alone in the dark NO KIDS no words - just peace! I think the older we get the more it is about spending time together and COUPLE massages and weekend getaways are on the top of my list.

Saturday the boys got haircuts and I went CHRISTmas shopping with my mom. I do love to spend others money. In my offense she didn't give me a budget!!! We hit Toys R Us first and loaded up on items for the kiddos - their grandee loves them. However, I don't know if I was smart - a drum set for the boy??? Really I think I was on something at the time - yet I know he will love them. With great deals and coupons on hand my momma saved a pretty penny {she will tell you she spent a hole heck lot more then that}. As for the evening we headed out to celebrate my hubs friends 40th birthday. It was nice - the kids got to run around with other kids, I got to meet a lot of the hubs work friends and spouses! Great night. I even snuck in a night on the elliptical, sit-ups and arm exercises.

I woke up Sunday morning to wonderful cool weather and decided it was time for another workout! Elliptical hear I come. Then it was eat breakfast, shower and head to church. The church was introduced to us by our great new friends and let me tell you we loved it. The people are so nice and inviting and they offer a 9am service!!! The kids enjoyed Sunday School. We can't wait to return next weekend.

Then it was off to errands.

We picked up someone from Target - the Elf has finally graced our home. What a cute idea and I was getting a little jealous of his face plastered over Instagram. He showed up while they were napping today and he approved their craft time.

Then since the kiddos [and adults] were so good we were off to get frozen yogurt. What a great treat to finish off the weekend. Just relaxing in front of a 25 days of Christmas movie, eating frozen yogurt and enjoying family time.

this is how we roll - uggs and pj's for ice cream

Someone loves my apple cinnamon muffins

Already for Church

Elf approved craft

hand made plates to hold the CHRISTmas candy soon to be made

I love creating and enjoying memories....

So here is to the next 23 days of the ELF showing up and ensuring the kids are behaving - hey we do have Disneyland coming up!!!

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  1. Ian asked me just tonight if we could get an elf on the shelf and it threw up. I had no answer. I have an elliptical and it will be in my work out program later after I stop huffing and puffing.


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