The Hubbies AWARD

I have made it!! I feel all of my passion and nonsense ramblings have FINALLY got me something.

No it isn't paid sponsorships {shit should I do that }, no  it isn't paid posts [crap come on peeps don't you want me writing about your stuff and spreading the word] wait for it....

I was  given       
   THE HUBBIES award

What is that you may ask?? Well Hubby Jack's Blog ATTACK - go check him out.... He is funny, hilarious, insightful, full of inspiration {or is it crap} and he is the wonderful hubs of this wonderful blog writer...Holly at Where we can live like Jack and Sally and he also does amazing BLOG designs {maybe I should check him out}.

So as I was reading stalking his blog I ran across my smiling face....

LOOK at me my own little award and picture!! So do I get the trophy too???

haha well LADIES and gents go check him out and I am sure if you look at his comments you will see me there :)


It’s no secret that this blog is just a cover for me to flirt with many women who are out of my league…well these women have showed a kindness that prompts me to blow a kiss in your direction…hoping you will catch it mid air, and put it in your pocket for later.

Where is my picture dammit! I even comment on his stupidest posts!


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