Just Dance 4, anyone???

As everyone knows our family is BIG on doing ACTIVE activities together. We believe being FIT together will have us together FIT forever.

A few years back I received (yeap me not the kids - but I think ownership is questioned as of today) a WII for my birthday. I thought it was great - they have "active" games for the whole family and it really made you think and move.

Just like everything else in life you need a change up and something that the kids can do with you {no blood and guts in this house}. Well, ummm how do we have fun and exercise?

Well this year JUST DANCE 4 is coming out and I want it!!!!!

Just Dance 4

We can be silly together
We can exercise together
Adults can act like kids again

I think it is a WIN WIN.

Here is the main REASON why we have to have this game.... are kids love to be silly and dance like crazy [healthy and funny]

Is anyone else interested in this game??? Well GUESS what TODAY it is the
Gold Box Deal of the Day so head over to AMAZON to get it at a great reduced price.


  1. This game is a lot of fun!!! It really shows how much energy kids have vs out shape adults, I die lol. Glad you guys got in on the fun as well.

  2. Yep! It's on the list. Ian and I have a blast with Just Dance!


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