FORGET it FRIDAY - Devastation of CT

Today is a sad day.
How COULD anyone go on a rampage at a school - or anywhere?
I am praying for all of those affected by the horrible events this morning.
I want to FORGET that this devastation is affecting so many people and that it is making me a MOM want to keep my children in a bubble for the rest of their lives.
I am reading so many posts about LETS CONTROL GUNS - PEOPLE kill PEOPLE
Making guns illegal will just increase the "illegal" usage as well.
I don't have a fix for this problem but I pray that this type of pain doesn't hit anyone else EVER.
I love my children so much and I will be holding them more, yelling less and above all loving them with everything I have.
So everyone take the extra five minutes:
Pray for those that have lost today
Pray for those that have another chance to


  1. It's so terrible what happened. It truly breaks my heart. I agree making guns illegal is not the right idea either. You found the day of silence button?!


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