Christmas Post...Really

Well for this holiday we actually used a real camera and guess what I actually downloaded the pictures - yeah for me. I have become very relaxed with photos every since I got my iPhone (come on it is with me almost 100% of the time and easy to post everywhere). However, to rectify this problem I am adding a "nicer" camera to my wish list so maybe it will make me want to use it more {here is to hoping}.

So, back to CHRISTmas we celebrate the holidays three times. Two of the times are with my hubs family and [I think I have mentioned this before] but one of my SIL doesn't want her kids pictures put on the web so I don't really have photos from any of  the events that don't contain the kids so I will just write about them.

Our family ready for event #1
The first CHRISTmas event is at my hubs step mom's house. So that would be 4 siblings, 4 spouses and 6 grandbabies - talk about a full house. This year we did a $10 girl and $10 boy gift for the adults and gifts for all of the babies. I went with the cross bracelet theme for the adult gift exchanges. The kiddos got things from clothes to games and everything in between. This night was filled with fun and family and plenty of laughs.

Since, we were off on Monday we decided to go look at some of the CHRISTmas lights. This has been a long standing tradition in our family.

We started Monday with breakfast with my hubs brother and soon to be SIL from Chicago. After breakfast they came to see our house for the first time and spend some bonding time with the babies.

Got to LOVE silly aunts and playful uncles
Monday while the kiddos and hubs napped I got in a great workout [long over due and it made me feel so good!] Then it was time to get ready for CHRISTmas at the MIL's house. This year it was matching PJ's for everyone. We ended up taking the most amazing family group picture - can you believe it 8 adults and 4 children all looking at the camera and smiling - a true CHRISTmas miracle!!! [can't show you but believe me AMAZING].

CHRISTmas eve was so good - it was carefree, fun, loving and included wonderful presents {we got a family trip - 4 days and 3 nights at the Grand California Concierge Level} and so many clothes for the kiddos!! I even created a Hot Chocolate Bar to the night. We then headed home and SANTA came and finally the parents were off to bed..............

Except for me I don't know what happened but I got hit hard with a stomach bug. I was either in horrible pain in the fetal position or throwing up all night in the bathroom. Needless to say I didn't sleep at all. I finally crawled out of bed to watch the babies open their presents. Look how lovely I look in my robe and slippers.
what a living room should look like after opening presents
that house is taller then her geez

scooter + ramp =   happy son

riding gear!!

ahh pictures, really...

I literally watched them open presents then I went back up to bed for a few hours. Now I don't know if I mentioned this before "we were suppose" to hose 20+ people CHRISTmas day at our house. I prepared all of the food ahead a time [thank heavens] so we ended up moving the celebration to my grandmother's house. My mom came out to do our CHRISTmas exchange and get the food for the family - I think this is the FIRST time I have missed CHRISTmas with my family and I was so sad about that - but being sick wasn't worth spreading it further or leaving our home.
auntie and grandee playing games with the babies

family photo time
Now, I am a big matcher (really me??? yes haha) so we had planned on wearing COBALT blue for the day and my brother and SIL kept it up for me - thank you.
All in ALL this CHRISTmas season was wonderful.
TONS of family time
The JOY of cute kiddos and their faces when opening presents
The REASON for the SEASON - never forget {Thank you Jesus!!!}
So as we leave 2012 behind I can only hope and pray that 2013 is bigger and better and brings a few dreams of ours to light....
Now I can't forget about celebrating CHRISTmas with the blogger world. My dear friend Lindsay over at From Nanny to Family sent me a "not" CHRISTmas gift but a friendship gift and I love it so much...
Stella Dot friendship bracelet LOVE it

I also signed up for a Secret Santa Swap CHRISTmas exchange and here is my gifts
CHRISTmas themed - nail polish and movies and such cute goodies... I didn't wait until CHRISTmas to open it hehe

My gift giver was Kailyn over at Sealed with A kiss go check her out.
Well I am super excited about this - I LOVE CHRISTmas and giving and receiving is just an added bonus.

I did not vlog the gift I bought my swapper but here it is all nicely decorated and ready to send out {hopefully she posts a picture of the gift}.

And my Secret Santa person I was buying for was Esther and she blogs over at Esther Norine Designs


  1. I love reading your blog. It's sooo funny how much more I learn from reading than talking to you. I didn't even realize you didn't host Christmas day dinner. Poor thing. I'm glad you are feeling better. Your family Christmas pj's are the best! I feel slightly more inspired to write now. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a happy new year!!!

  2. Looks like a lovely holiday full of fun and family!


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