BFBC Review of The Next Thing on My List

WOW December... I just can't believe it.

The November book to me was good - very similar to Twenty Wishes by Debbie Maycomber.

But anyways lets move forward with the questions today.... 

1. Which items on the list were most challenging to June? Which would you have the hardest time completing? Did any appeal to you? - The hardest had to be the attempt to make it right with her brother - that one was personal for her and one that wasn't easily able to come by because of her view of their relationship growing up. I would have the hardest time with the changing someones life. That could be an easy gesture or something drastic and in that short period of time I would have struggled with it. The one that appealed to me was the one about throwing away your scale - so wish I could do that!! 

2. Have you ever written a “life list?” If so, what sort of items were on it, and have you completed any of them? If you haven’t, why not? I am more of a goal's kind of gal. I write LISTS all of the time and when I accomplish something not on one of the many lists I add it to the list so I can scratch it off!! One of the things on my list is to slow down and just have fun - I think that is forever going to be on all of my lists! 

3. At Sebastian’s party, guests who learn about the list assume that Marissa must have been unhappy if she was fat. Were they being, as one woman put it, “size-ist?” or it is impossible to be overweight and happy in this society? I think people assume a lot. I think people can be happy rather they are fat/thin, pretty/ugly, rich/poor - it is just people "assuming". I think she was a happy person but she had something that she didn't have for a long time - a body that people didn't judge her badly for!!! 

4. Several of the items on the list were open to interpretation—do you think June did it in a way Marissa would have liked? What other ways might she have completed some of the tasks on the list? Just getting a glimpse of June would have made Marissa proud. The list was written because of one's personal views and wants and a complete stranger did the best she could and I think that Marissa would have been very proud of her. I think she handled the list well - and the best part was how it changed herself the most (June). 

5. If someone you loved died (or has died), what dream of his or hers would you most want to see fulfilled? What dream of yours do you fear might never happen if you died suddenly? WOW this is a hard one - my aunt died 13 years ago and I think her dream would have been to see her two boys become parents, be happy, be proud of who they are. I think I have ALWAYS been every body's fill in mom/wife/daughter/friend so I think I have helped with this. As for myself I want to ensure that I keep dreaming, keep doing and above all remain happy with myself and my choices and not let others influence them one way or the other. 
6. By the end of the book, June feels that she’s changed. What do you think had the biggest impact on her transformation. Her confidence and her ability to forgive herself!! She allowed herself to LIVE.

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  1. Book sounds good. I will read it. I just failed to do so on time. I'm sorry I didn't keep my word girl. Thanks for liking me anyway.


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