A mom and daughter evening PLUS cousin time

Sunday night my daughter and I attended my SIL church's women dinner. I have gone before but I thought it would be a treat for my big girl to attend such a wonderful formal event. Well you know what that means - matching outfits.

My MIL bought my daughter this beautiful gold/red dress and I just had to match her. I luckily found the perfect dress - you know it is all about the dress(es)!

Love her

All smiles

Wonder where she gets that pose from????
After a few pictures in front of our tree {note to self remove the presents before the next shot} we headed over to the families house to enjoy car pool!

We arrived to the event with over 200 other fabulous women attending. The daughter and I attended with my step MIL, SIL and several close family friends. It was a night of laughter, great decor, fabulous food and the spirit of CHRISTmas.

me, stepMIL,SIL, daughter

ok I feel I am short at 5 foot 5 however being around these ladies I feel like a giant.
Also, I couldn't end this post without sharing a picture of the kiddos and their cousins. We had a wonderful packed family weekend. On Saturday after our bike ride we headed to pick up the babies at my SIL house and were able to just relax and enjoy family low key time. My daughter is in love with her cousin and wants to hold him all the time as for the son he was like mom do I have to hold her [hehe boys].

boy - 5, girl- 4, little girl - 10 month, little boy - 1 year 3 months
Isn't family the best???
What did you do this weekend?


  1. You look beautiful!!! Lovin the red shoes and the xmas presents look great in front of the tree which leads me to ask are those for the kids? You put them out early?! Love Mother/Daughter moments. I need to do like you and do more of these.


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