A little hand and foot anyone??

This weekend I made sure to hug my babies tighter, get upset less and above all make every minute count...
Here is a look into our weekend. {If you want more up to date glimpse into our life check me out on instagram @momfittingitallin}
On Friday night we went out to dinner with my mom - Vince's one of my fav places ever {yet I don't get their spaghetti which is what they are famous for} I eat their soup and salad!!!
On Saturday the hubs went quad riding while I stayed home during the day and nursed my back [hurting bad lately]. On Saturday night we had my longest friend and her hubs and son {four months older then my son} come over. Instead of buying presents for each other we would rather spend quality time together [now if we can do it more often would be great].
As the kids ran around craziness style the parents played a 4 hour card game - Have you ever played Hand and Foot??? If not it is a most try... You play with about 7 decks of cards and let the phone begin. The boys enjoyed a little {okay a lot} of beer.
My hubs has complained in the past that this game sucks however after kicking my ASS hardcore he is a big fan know. Yeap he came in first and I came in last - he takes it TOO far!! I thought the couch was a good suggestion for the night but he had other thoughts....
We are thinking of having a New Years Party to include this game and kids!
Well with the game lasting to well after midnight I was not getting up for the early service at church. I crawled or fell out of bed around 8 am and I was off to work out. After breakfast we headed to the late service {much more crowded then the early service}.
We came home and the kiddos were off to take a nap while I baked for our neighbors and teachers.
Winter Chex Mix for the neighbors and not shown the candy cane's dipped in chocolate and broken candy canes.
Then it was home made dinner {mac n cheese, sour cream chicken and veggies}
To end the weekend we all had ice cream and sat down to watch Santa Clause 2 (we are watching Santa Clause 3 tonight).
It was a low key family bonding weekend {I am starting to love our Sunday routine}.
Then we woke up to a sick baby girl and the elf wanted to ensure she had her meds to feel better for the holidays {what a sweet elf}


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! I only wish I could have joined you guys. Hope the girl is feeling better.

  2. What a great weekend! Hope your daughter feels better soon! I love that the elf brought her meds :)


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