Yellow FRIDAY coming soon.....

With the holiday season approaching rapidly I am already making my lists, scouting etsy, coming up with creative homemade items and just really excited about this time of year - time with my family and friends.

This year I get to add my BLOG friends to that. This community is awesome.
With that WE [blog world] are great about helping others!!
I wanted to support small businesses so I did the GIVE A WAY (still have time to enter head over).
Well a few LOVELY ladies that I adore chatting with via email and stocking them on their blog is

I adore them.
Great posts
Great Giveaways
Great advice
and you know what they are supporting small businesses too.
Check out YELLOW FRIDAY....
it is like Black Friday
Cyber Monday
BUT with a twist on small businesses and this wonderful community!!
November 16 - 18 and there are SO MANY great people, items and stores for you to shop!!
So please take a moment - look at the companies, tweet about this, LET's help people one gift at a time!!!

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