Thanksgiving and a big FAIL as a blogger....

Ahhh having four days off from work - amazing. Sleeping in staying up late not really having any hard plans.

Lets start with Thursday - thanksgiving - my favorite holiday Food, Family, Friends, Fun! We noted at our new house this year. The menu included: 1 turkey, 3 turkey breasts, 1 ham, mashed potatoes {people said the best ever}, gravy, 3 stuffings, coconut cake, apple pie ( from apple farm), pumpkin pie, crack brownies and much more. We had tables set up every where, kids running around and laughter every where. I even tried for the first time a gentle men's jack shot.

So, you ask so many nice things but where is our proof?? That is where I failed not ONE picture people! Can you believe it? But you know what it was the best day. No regrets but hey babe if you read this I would love a "nice expensive" camera.


But don't worry we will have another gathering soon and a picture will be a priority.

Stay tuned for another recap for our Christmas traditions beginning.

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