Supporting Small Businesses & A Giveaway

As I was browsing Etsy for Christmas gifts this year {yeap I have officially started} and I was thinking I just love finding creative cute items for people and to help out small businesses - it is a win win in my book.

So I wanted to share with you my followers - my friends a little early Christmas as well - and why not spread the good news on several small businesses. Maybe you will like what they offer, maybe you will buy something, maybe you will spread the word.

This is what is GREAT about this community. You meet people, you help people.

AND top of everything else maybe you can WIN SOMETHING....

I have SIX small businesses that I have bought from, love their products and I think you will too.

The first up is a near and dear {real} friend of mine. We grew up together right next door to each other our ENTIRE lives we even have boys only 4 months apart - Friends Raising Friends I say.

So here is a little about Jennifer with Crafty Tagz

My name is Jennifer and I'm a part time stay-at-home mom to my Kindergarten son. I started making pet collars and ID tags in November of 2008. My kitty (Tinkerbell) refused to wear a collar that had a hanging tag. I started to look around for a tag to attach to her collar. I found nothing that would work for her. I found slide on tags, but they didn't slide onto a cat collar. So, I decided to make a collar for her...and that started my business!

I have been working to expand & grow my business so that one day I can be a full-time stay at home mommy and be able to take care of my family to the best of my ability.

GIVEAWAY: Custom collar of your choice. Choose from any of our designs pictured on our facebook or etsy page. You pick the size and it is custom made for your pet.Zebra Print Dog Pet Cat Collar Super Cute Animal Print Adjustable

You can follow Crafty Tagz: {it will be part of the giveaway enteries}
Crafty Tagz FACEBOOK Crafty Tagz TWITTER Craft Tagz ETSY

Up Next is the woman that finished off my beautiful office transformation... She created my custom order Chevron blackout curtains [they finished the room along with reducing our electricity bill]. She is offering my wonderful followers and readers 2 pillowcovers/slipcovers. Please check her out at

Now one of the people that I am buying for likes running so I simply googled running in ETSY and ran across this amazing bracelet and found a lovely lady that creates them.
Her name is Debbie over at
So as I order my christmas gift for someone on my list you get an oppurtunity to win one too.
Take a look
I RUN BECAUSE...Wrap Bracelet - Running Jewelry - Motivational Jewelry -  Nickel Silver Pendant on 3 ft of Micro Fiber Suede

on another search I wanted t-shirts for a few men that I know {engineers actually} and I thought the shirts were amazing. As I filled up my cart with 5 shirts you can fill up your cart with 1 shirt as well {valued up to $14.95 with free shipping}. The store is Signature Shirts. Once I contacted her for this giveaway she was so sweet and nice I couldn't help but be so proud of small business owners. Please check her out at:

signaturetshirts FACEBOOK  signaturetshirts PINTEREST signaturetshirts TWITTER

Eat CLEAN Train DIRTY Burnout Tank Razor back  top S - 2XL Free Shipping

The next is Creatively Cute by Lisa. She designed my Christmas Cards for several years and the invites for my babies parties!! I have know this girl as well for YEARS. She is a new mom and a wonderful person - she is an Army wife and I have utmost respect, love and encouragement for our militarty and their family. GO check her out and maybe you can win a new set (shipping not included).

Another Lovely Lady that I have found on this blog journey owns her own business as well. Her name is Leah and she blogs over at Lovely Life of Leah. Check her out - nice as nice can be and a BIG hello kitty addict. So what does she have for you... the best hair tyes I have ever had. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I bought like 20 of them... They are perfect not only for my hair but my daughter loves them - hello it holds your hair and doesn't pull it when you take them out. And man they come in some many colors....

SO enter, SHARE, LIKE, spread the joy, spread the life of these wonderful small business owners!!!!
I only wish I was as creative and talented as these ladies to have a shop of my own as well.

Also, TAKE the time to view another great give-a-way for a small business on Karen's blog
Patching Hearts!

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  1. Thank you so much! Awesome giveaway btw! LOVE the pillow covers!

  2. I need to try those hair ties ASAP and I love those pillows!

  3. I couldn't find Crafty Tagz on Etsy- link didn't work and I couldn't find The Run on FB (link didn't work :( )

  4. Ah, they changed the links at etsy:

  5. What an awesome giveaway!!!

    I love the t-shirt and the Run Home bracelet!!!

  6. I LOVE the bracelet from The Run Home! Since running is my passion it's completely perfect! I can't wait to get my hands on some things from this shop!

  7. I've shared your giveaway on my G+, Twitter & FB! Thank you for being a sponsor of my blog!

    Fashion In The Forest
    Life Of A Lost Muse

  8. Thank you for the giveaway, I love the I run bracelet...I need that little reminder! :)


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