Smooth legs

I just pinned the best thing on the planet - homemade body scrub.

With the hussle and bussle of thanksgiving over and Christmas upon us finding a cheap way to pamper myself is very important. So Pinterest here I come

And the best part is you have all of the ingredients in your pantry.

2 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup oil - I used what I had olive oil
5 tablespoons citrus juice - I used lemon
I added 1 tablespoon of vanilla

I headed out to workout and let it sit.

After getting a little sweaty I headed up for a hot bath. After reading a few chapters I rubbed my legs with the scrub. I shaved them then reapplied the scrub and shaved a second time. Talk about smooth.

Now this stuff is amazing but make sure you don't slip out of the bathtub. Yikes

Now a positive of taking a bath with the scrub is the fact that your entire body gets covered in it so your ENTIRE body gets smooth {wink}.

So I then headed to to the shower and after that lotion time. Okay I have NEVER had this smooth of legs. I think this will be my new regiment for shaving - you can ask my hubby!

But on top of this I think this would be amazing gifts for the women in my life - add a cute container and a written a note BINGO....


  1. Is it grainy? I have super sensitive legs, so it sounds great esp because my skin is so dry right now, but it makes me nervous that I will get razor burn. Also is there some left over?

  2. Oh that sounds so easy and great! I'm going to have to try it!!!


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