Resolution in Motion Round 1

This year I am joining up with Resolution in Motion - to accomplish a few goals I have for myself {prior to New Years}.

A fun, helpful and IN MY FACE way to make sure that I accomplish what I set my mind to {since God Willing nothing else has worked in the last year okay maybe 4}.
With this I am also looking forward to the encouragement, support and motivation!!!
The rules:

1. You pick a goal.
2. You work to reach your goal over a period of 6 weeks.
3. You write and link-up two posts.
4. You win prizes!

Sound fun? Here are some more details:

*You will choose a goal for yourself- something that will be challenging but possible to complete over a period of 6 weeks.

*During that 6 weeks, you will have the chance to win prizes, participate in blog hops, and read inspiring guest posts. Join us on the hostess' blogs every Tuesday during the challenge for something NEW!

*You will write and link-up two posts: one at the beginning of the challenge to introduce your goal, and one at the end of the challenge to report on how you did.
So you ask what are my goals????? {yes two people two}
1. Lose the last 10 lbs {an oldie but goodie}
2. Make something new each week off of my pins! {I spend enough time pinning them might as well do something - it can be a craft, a food, a dessert, anything - JUST DO IT!}
I have mentioned PLENTY of times that my weight is an issue. I have lost a lot of weight but this last bit is just annoying the crap out of me. Being that I have battled my weight my ENTIRE life I know that it is easy to gain and get on a very slippery slope. I do exercise. I do watch what I eat BUT what I fail to do is do both at the same time for a long duration of time!
So here is to being healthier, happier, thinner, and STICK WITH IT!!!
As for the pinned item. I would like to accomplish the cute things I pin. I love to cook, I love to bake and I love thinking that I am crafty. I actually have done quite abit on pinterest here are a few. With this challenge I just want to keep at it and oh yes blog about for bragging rights {if it actually comes out right} and to prove I am trying to FIT it all in.
Before I let you all go - please come back for my BIGGEST give-a-way yet!!! Small businesses - just in time for Christmas!!!


  1. Good luck!! I have 5 baby lbs left to lose (are they still baby lbs after 2+ years?). I love the Pinterest idea! Trying to do that too!

  2. YOU GO GIRL! Thrilled to have you in!
    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  3. TWO goals! Now that's thinking big! I love them and can't wait to hear/read about your progress!

  4. awesome goals girl, i love that you have two goals. i have soooo many pins that i have yet to tackle. good for you!

  5. I love the pin idea. I spent months pinning and pinning. you know just looking at those pretty pictures. Earlier this summer I decided it was time to start making. It has been so much fun. New follower.

  6. why is the last 10 pounds the bitch of a life time. its like a nagging fly that won't go away. i am starting to get really mad at it. By 2013, i am saying be gone and eat a Kit Kat to celebrrate.

  7. i try to do a resolution once a week! like writing a letter to a friend in a different country, or making something crafty. :)

    just wanted to let you know that I am hosting a $100 giveaway of FULL SIZED Johnson&Johnson product (Aveeno, Baby Aveeno, Lubriderm, Listerine, Band-Aid)

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  9. I don't pin (too chicken to go there! I hear people just LOVE IT!!), but I think making the goal to make something each week is a great way to utilize it!!


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