Resolution in Motion.. HOW IS IT GOING???

Well if you remember I signed up for Resolution in Motion - here is my post about it.


For my RESOLUTION I wanted to do TWO things:

1. Lose the last 10 lbs {an oldie but goodie}
2. Make something new each week off of my pins! {I spend enough time pinning them might as well do something - it can be a craft, a food, a dessert, anything - JUST DO IT!}
So I wanted to let you know where I am at.
#1 - Well I still have time for that one [mother nature came calling and I DO NOT get on a scale for at least 3 days after]
#2 - that is going well....
I did my HAIR via pinterest....take a look.

We also did a cute craft getting ready for Christmas. We did a "tester" set for ourselves and NOW that I LOVE them we will be doing them for the neighbors, friends and family. Along with the decorated dishes we will be making a Christmas Candy to pass out.


I even ran to SamsClub and bought the LARGE set of colors of Sharpie's for our project.

So as we progress FORWARD I am excited to see that my #1 resolution fairs well and that I continue on with #2!!!!

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