Raising Kids

I believe in raising our kids OUR way. It is also a learning CURVE - more of a process of trial by error. I have learned to NEVER say NEVER when it comes to raising our kids.

Here are a few things that goes into the LIFE of raising our kids: {Now why I am writing this? Because people at one point of our life have either disagreed with us or told us we were not doing it right - really people? None of your business unless I am harming them}

So again here is a little that happens when the hubs and I are raising our kiddos!!! (obviously this is a minor part but stuff that seems to have people giving us their opinion)

- We allow them to watch TV - now I will say it is kid approved, kid friendly and the only adult show they watch is Cupcake Wars - people. We love TV it is a time for us to bond, a time for momma to leave them on the couch and cook dinner, a place that we can curl up together and relax. Also, our kids are amazing when we don't feel well they can chill in front of the tv. NOW on that point we can go days even  weeks without even turning it on but baby I will use it!!!

- Electronics - HELLz yeah! They know how to use the iPhone, iPad, computer, Kindle Fire, leap Pad and the list can go on. I love that they are educated in the world of technology!

- Limited candy/chocolate/sweets - now when the babies were first born we had a NO chocolate NO candy NO sweets rule - even their first cakes were sugar free with NO icing! Yeap I am was that parent.  Well NOW I am a little more relaxed so they got like one piece of candy at Halloween and I don't freak out when their grandparents maybe give them a brownie.

I guess these things are minor but I get tired of hearing that others have such a STRONG opinion about how I do things. I am always WILLING to give advice, take advice, listen and not give my opinion. I don't like to interfere unless the child in in danger - that is my thoughts.

Now why write this now? well because despite ALL the things listed our KIDS are amazing and you know why???

We had our first parent-teacher conference for the boy for his 1st trimester!! OMG let me tell you he had 100% on everything except 3 questions in math - I guess it is common for kids up to 7 to right a 3 like a E and he wrote 13 instead of 31 [she told us that they have not even studied 31 yet!! - so not bad] and one more but who cares.

I know they say that being a parent is the best job to ever have but you never know if you get it right until when??? Well I think we are on the track of greatness. He is smart, he is sweet, he is adventurous, he is reserved, he is my little man, he is such a big boy and he is proving to be amazing!

I just pray and hope that he stays on the right track and we can teach him to make the right choices - for himself, for his sister, for his future!

So on this journey of being a parent I am going to take it ALL in and enjoy every moment 


  1. He is so cute! I hate when people try to give me parental advice too.

  2. You rock it out Mama! I 100% agree- your kids, your business. I do think you do a fantastic job though. Also I think it does more harm than good to not raise your kids with computers, ipad's, etc. They use them at school and the more they know the better.


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