Pet Peeves

I use this blog for many things and one of them is complaining expressing my thoughts!

So today I am talking about PET PEEVES - what drives you crazy, who drives you bunkers?

Today this pet peeve is in honor of my wonderful [yet still a man] hubby!

Why can my hubby of the ripe old age of 33 NOT clean out his pant pockets? Really? Mainly it is change and ear buds - see below for evidence. Now yes this is a small thing but something I have asked of him for eight years! Come on!

Why is it bad? Because he is a grown man - clean out your pockets, it gets stuck in the washer and sometimes the dryer - how do I know this because I hear the coins on a daily basis in them and I can't get them out I don't know where they go but they are in there.

see how close - please don't notice the dust :)
So what happens when he does clean out his pockets of change it goes here do you see how close that is to the actual piggy bank? Or in his top drawer - Umm really babe come on!

Why? Why?

his top drawer - really

Is there anything that drives you nuts about your significant other? Maybe your kids???
At least when I write about it I am not holding it all in - right?

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  1. I hate how even after living in the same house for 6 years, he stil doesn't know where some stuff goes (dishes, etc)


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