One Year Twenty Wishes

Catching up on my blogs today I stopped at Jesse's Girl and she is talking about Debbie Maccomber's book Twenty Wishes ( I am an avid reader and I love Debbie's books). I actually read this book when it first came out - LOVE it.

So a once a month link up was created...

So, what we’d like to do is write OUR own lists of Twenty Wishes. We’ve decided to put a time limit on it being twelve months starting in December… In other words you have twelve months to complete your twenty wishes. Then next December we’ll each write a new list.
Once a month from now on, starting in December, we’ll host another link up. One where you can write about the wish(es) you’ve accomplished over the last month. Kayli and I plan to photograph the completion of each of our wishes, so we have something concrete to look back on later! If you haven’t accomplished anything don’t fret… Some will take the full year I’m sure, and that’s OK. But the ENTIRE point is to do these things before next December because you never know how much time you have left.

Truly Lovely

SO here are my two wishes...

1. Make homemade Christmas Decorations
2. Create a "healthy" option Thanksgiving dinner
3. Try a new food place (so hard for me)
4.  Lose 10lbs (is that a common one)
5. Get rid of "unnecessary" items - like those coach purses
6. Coordinate or attend a SoCal blogger meet up
7. Go on a 20 mile bike ride
8. Take a hubby and me hike over 10 miles
9. Pay it forward in the Starbucks line
10. Find a NEW career/job (I am Human Resources if anyone knows of something)
11. Think up a business plan for myself to start
12. Have a daughter/mother date
13. Have a son/mother date
14. Sponsor an animal at the zoo
15. Buy a star
16. HIT 300 followers
17. Pay off my car early
18. Get up to RUNNING non-stop for 5 miles
19. Build a nail rack (yes me with tools)
20. Make a difference to someone

Just writing my wishes is great BUT I want to have them come true. So here is to a year of fulfilling my wishes! 

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  1. Hey there!! Thanks so much for linking up with us! Your list is full of awesome ideas! I love the mom and kiddo dates! :) Excited to see you check all these off!!! ~Kassi @ Truly Lovely


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