November Really??? Forget it Friday

Before we get to our regular scheduled FORGET It Friday. I wanted to take a moment to discuss this home coming month. Now from Halloween to Christmas is my favorite time of the year and yet the busiest {lets be honest it actually has not slowed down since we moved in February but here is hoping January lets me breath - speaking of that we have already started planning our next Angie's Run [weekend of camping/riding and honoring Angie - more of this to come very soon for you]}.

NOVEMBER is here

and I am beyond excited that the cooler weather {praying it will arrive any day, right?? Mother nature???}, boots, sweaters and the smell of FALL who else is with me??

But with FALL comes planning and booking the calendar.

Just the other night the hubby and I had to sit down and go over calendars for the upcoming months.

Here is a little run down of what is already BOOKED in the calendar...

Full Bike Ride for the hubby and friends
Sleepover for the kiddos
Xmas dress shopping with the MIL, SIL and girls
my FF daughter's birthday party
Hair appointments - excited for this
Family PHOTO time
President's Gala (for work)
Hubby's business dinner
TWILIGHT is coming out!!!!
Thanksgiving - we are hosting this year
Buying our Christmas tree
Going on a tour of a local candy shop to see how candy cane's are made

and on TOP of that that I joined up for the

Pile On The Miles with Run Eat Repeat


You sign up and say how many miles you will get in From November 1 - December 1. I am up for the challenge!! And so glad I am feeling a little better to start tonight!

So a little overwhelmed but excited to embrace them....

I want to FORGET about this cold. ARGH.....

I want to FORGET that this cold is affecting my  hubs.

I want to FORGET about the one { ok 5 bite size candies I ate this week - thank  GOD all of the candy is out of the house }.

I want to FORGET that the week is 5 days long and the weekend is only 2 days long RATS.

I don't want to FORGET that we get an extra hour of sleep this weekend - oh yeah!!!

I don't want to FORGET the excitement I felt when I was reading First Name Smith's blog {one of my most read daily} the other day and she was talkin about Karen over at Patching Hearts {another most read plus we email back and forth and she is part of our blog friends book club} she listed me as one of our favorite must read blogs - okay that was just incredible!

I don't want to FORGET how amazing our neighborhood is and how grateful we are .

and I never want to forget about the people affected by SANDY - praying and  hoping for everyone during this time. 


  1. Busy busy lady you are! I think you somehow passed your sickness to us- lol JK. Who's Angie? Am I a bad listener? Did I miss something? I can't wait to see your gala dress. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Wow you really are fitting it all in. Don't over do it. I love the idea of forget it Friday. I might come back and link up done Friday in the future.

  3. The extra hour of sleep was a bust because dogs apparently can't tell time. I also after reading all that you have to do decided i must get a day planner or at least a notebook because I need to get back on track with life stuffs.

  4. That is A LOT to do!!!

    We're hosting Thanksgiving this year too. I just learned how to cook last year so this will be my first big meal!! What are you making?

    Thank you for all the comments lately. I don't have Internet at home, ugh luxuries of living in the middle of nowhere.. So I do most of my blogging while on my breaks at work and only work 3 days a week. Glad you found my blog so that I could find yours!! Have a great day


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