Mudrun I DID it!!!

Ok remember when I freaked out when I signed up for the Mudrun (MudFactor) check it out here!

Well today was finally the day. I was freaked OUT even more today. I kept checking to see if it was canceled NO such luck.

To back up a little - I joined this mudrun as part of my works - health & wellness movement. So being the ONLY women who signed up with 3 guys (one bailed out) I had to make face. Now let me tell you a few things about me....

I am afraid of heights.
I hate being cold.
I hate being wet.
I hate being dirty.

Everything that this mudrun is! BUT I LOVE it!!! I think I have a new addiction! I am already googling  the Color Run!!!

The entire group

my wonderful hubs and me
So the day started out with a little rain and a whole lot of orange....

My hand and arm and the hubs legs after

When our 10 am start time approached my excitement went to unexpected. We took off with the other crazy about of people wanting to enjoy the mud. The first part is tons of hills and jogging then finally we got to the REAL stuff - the obstacles. So here I have to admit that I could not fully do them all. I started up the 15 foot high wall and had a minor/major panic attack (remember I am afraid of heights) and I decided that this was not worth it for me - so yes I went around a few of them - I did go over the 9 foot one which made me feel like I accomplished a little of my fear. Then the FUN began a 60 foot slip in slide that landed in a pool of mud. We took the slide with a group of 6 from our team and oh man well I got a few scraps, bruises and cuts - but well worth it.

After the mud pit came more MUD - DEEP mud, crazy hills, slippery slopes, tunnels and then the army crawl time.

I am the orange shirt with my butt in the air - trying to bear crawl - couldn't last long though because wires very low and close to each other.

Then we were on our way to the finish line to get our amazing medals and GROUP dirty picture.

A little mud anyone????

Before and After pics with my longest ever friend

So I can tell you this was well worth the anxiety, the aches, the pains, the scrapes BECAUSE it was the best exercise and team building I have ever done.

Who wants to join me for the next one?????


  1. My husband does those. Looks like fun, but I don't run (unless something is chasing me). Good job finishing!

  2. I love these photos! And also, the after-photo where your bright orange is covered in mud = fantastic!


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