It is feeling a lot like....

Having FOUR days of amazing!!!

Thanksgiving was amazing - I did a short post from my iPad (minus pictures big FAIL) but great day.

Friday - I DID not venture out for black Friday - instead I slept in, made breakfast and we went to go get our Xmas tree (if any of you follow me on instagram you know I LOVE this time of year and have tons of boxes of decor).

The tradition in our family is to get our tree the day after thanksgiving (yikes didn't realize it was a week earlier then normal). Then we head home and decorate, decorate, decorate.

Now this year I decided to change from a blue/silver theme to a red/white/silver LOVE IT - on the inside anyways. So that meant a trip to Target - yes I did but not until like 4ish that day. While I was there I asked the Starbucks workers how it was. They said it was a mad house but the best thing to do is come about 5 hours after opening and you can still get the good deal stuff. REALLY?? How?? She said that the first people in line race in and grab multiples of everything and once they get to the register they typically (you will take a gamble of course) put most of the items back. Well the store is SOOO busy they don't have time to put the product back on the shelf until it slows down...AKA about 5 hours later!! SCORE. Now this method I might use next year {a big might}.

On Saturday we had another chill day. I decided I wanted to have a mom/son date. BIKE ride it was. We rode a total of 4.1 miles - so proud of my little man. IT was NICE to ride over 5 mph and to just spend quality time with him. Then later that day we headed to my cousin’s house to celebrate his daughter turning 13 - OMG how can that be. But she is turning into a beautiful young lady!! LOVE HER. While we all gathered for her birthday I got a chance to take a picture of the cousins together.

Family is so important. FAMILY is EVERYTHING.

On Sunday we wanted to take a family hike. SO MAPmyRUN out on my phone off we went. We did a total of 4.62 miles hills and all and even a stop at the local park!! A family that is active together will stay happy and healthy together. 

So as we get ready for the first FULL week in a while - I am refreshed, happy and eager to see what else is in store for me.

How was your weekend?

DO you have your house decorated yet???


  1. You guys are so active. I don't think I could ride that far if someone was chasing me ;)

  2. You ran, I dance partied, we should swap. Although I did break a sweat. Looks like your holiday was magnificent.

  3. love the garland down the stairs!! did you make it yourself?


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