Halloween Celebration Time

This year we decided we wanted to do Halloween at our new home. Our neighborhood is one that has a lot of kids the same age as ours and the decorations  - well I told the hubby {and get this he agreed} that we need to step this stuff up. So needless to say the last two days I went to Big Lots and got a few things 50% off! I am thinking after the holiday sales will even be better!

As for our activities we had my mother and my hubby's parents come over for dinner, dessert and trick or treating.

What was on the menu???

Fresh Edamame Salad

The votes are in..... IT WAS AMAZING... everyone enjoyed the homemade food and dessert.

So we found out that this neighborhood is no joke when it comes to the amount of kids that trick or treat, the house decorations and oh yes getting scared.

For the first lap we closed up our house and the entire family went trick or treating!
On the second lap mom and dad {grandparents} took over handing out candy.

On our route we ran across an house that had their garage done up really good and then a man jumped out from behind the garage cans I might have umm screamed and jumped just a little.

We THOUGHT we had a big pot of items for the neighborhood kiddos! Halloween Pretzels [hello if it was candy I would have ate it all] and we even give away all of the candy that the kiddos trick or treat for as well {if it stays in my house it will get to my belly}and at that we were out by 8pm - seriously???

So on the agenda for 2013 - MORE decorations and MORE candy!!!!!!!

I also forgot to tell you that the kids and I made homemade Halloween bark for their teachers. {okay you might have seen it on instagram } 


  1. My favorite part of fall {hands down} is all the yummy treats and dinners you can make! :) The crockpot is my best friend in the fall!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I've loved looking around your adorable blog and look forward to getting to know you better! :)

    Life as Mrs. B

  2. Looks fantastic! That is for sure one dinner I wish I could of been at.


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