Blog Friends Book Club: What the Nanny Saw - Review

Well BLOG Friends I have to say that I failed you this month.
I could NOT finish this book at all.

What book is that again???
Oh yes... What the Nanny Saw
I barely got through the first few chapters and I was struggling.
Now the MAIN reason I wanted to be part of this BOOK Club was to experience new books get out of my box - but when you run across this book - well I am doubting myself.
So, our loyal Blog Friend Book Club peeps - what did you think? Did I not give it enough time? Did I miss something?? Please let me know and like ALWAYS link up!!!

Now on to the good stuff [hopefully} the NOVEMBER BOOK!!!

The NEXT thing on my List 

The Next Thing on My List: A Novel 

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  1. I linked up, but really didn't have a lot to say :). Can't wait for December's book!!! I've already read it, but will happily read it again!


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