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Hello Everyone - another month gone, another book crossed off the list - I have to say I am enjoying this book so far and I am excited to see every one's reaction to this book.

So here are a few questions that we will be answering NEXT Tuesday!!!

Below are the optional book club questions for our B.F.B.C. book review. We will be hosting a link up to review the book on Tuesday December 4th. Join us! 

1. Which items on the list were most challenging to June? Which would you have the hardest time completing? Did any appeal to you?

2. Have you ever written a “life list?” If so, what sort of items were on it, and have you completed any of them? If you haven’t, why not?

3. At Sebastian’s party, guests who learn about the list assume that Marissa must have been unhappy if she was fat. Were they being, as one woman put it, “size-ist?” or it is impossible to be overweight and happy in this society?

4. Several of the items on the list were open to interpretation—do you think June did it in a way Marissa would have liked? What other ways might she have completed some of the tasks on the list?
5. If someone you loved died (or has died), what dream of his or hers would you most want to see fulfilled? What dream of yours do you fear might never happen if you died suddenly?
6. By the end of the book, June feels that she’s changed. What do you think had the biggest impact on her transformation

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