Bissel sweeper - I should be paid for this stuff !

Ok, first off I think that Bissel SHOULD be paying me for this review BECAUSE let me tell you HOW MUCH I love this product.

I went to Kohl's a few weeks ago with my 30% off coupon and just had a blast. We have TILE floors throughout our house and NO more maid {okay I am trying to sneak her back in as needed - did I mention it is NEEDED time} so the cleaning is up to my hubby and I. Well actually now the kids can help out a little. One of the chores that I have mentioned that I DO NOT do is sweeping and mopping - I swear I feel that it just doesn't get clean or something IDK - vacuuming I am all over that {I love the lines the vacuum makes showing I did something ~ control much ~ geez}. Any ways back on to point here.

I picked up this amazing item Bissell Easy Sweep ! It came out to about $20 dollars - steal in my book.

I brought it home and crap - it was a flop... or I thought. I charged that puppy up and off I went. I got under the dinner table {if you have ever seen our table after the kids eat - yikes - I have been know to let the "vacuum dogs" in to clean up}, the couch, the tv stand and the best place the BATHROOMS [ I lose my hair A LOT when I blow dry it and I am always bending over and using toilet paper to clean it up } NO MORE this little item is amazing.

It also is easy enough to use that the kiddos fight as to who gets to clean up with it - YEAP that is right - maybe I should buy two??? ummm idea!!

It is also very easy to dump the trash just one little button while you have it over the trash can {yeap you guessed it the first time I did it I didn't have it right over the trash so I had to "sweep" again}.

So I would recommend this product for anyone with kids, dogs, tile floors, someone who doesn't like to sweep!!!

Here is a little picture of my wonderful hubby showing how wonderfully easy this item is!!


  1. I am a lover as well and do not know what I would do without a bissel ... plus if I can get my husband to do it too.. great!!! :)

  2. I'll have to check it out. I heard the shark vac was great too

  3. Good morning! I'm Jenni, I found your blog over at GFC. Oh, I love the vacuum lines too, my husband is "afraid" he won't do it right so he never helps. I love when kids argue over who gets to clean, if they only knew. Have a great day. Oh, and I love hitting the jackpot with a 30% off at Kohl's.

  4. Haha you SHOULD get paid for this stuff I will try em

  5. Ah, I need one of these. I currently sweep my tile floors and then mop. My entire downstairs is tile. I love it but it's a pain to clean!

    Thank you so much for linking up to Grow Your Blog! Looking forward to working with you in the near future. :)


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