Another attempt at a hubby post

My first go around was well...take a look.

Since I have not been feeling in the best mood. This REALLY picked me up - and it FORCED the hubby to participate [hehe].

So here it goes...

What do you do when you're angry?
His: I yell. 
Her: I cry. I possibly yell a little. 

What is an item of clothing your other half has that you wish they would throw away?
His: Anything that she has that reveals too much boobs {his words ladies}
Her: His old school jean shorts - so not fashionable at ALL! 

What is the greatest family vacation you went on as a kid?
His: Lake Powell on a house boat.
Her: We went on a road trip up the coast of California and stayed at a real live dude ranch. We slept in the "bunkhouse", rode and groomed horses, ate country food and sat around with real cowboys.
Would you want to live in the city, country or beach?
His: Beach
Her: Country.
How do you handle farting in front of each other?
His: Just deal with it - a natural thing.
Her:  Just let it happen.

What is your favorite type of cake?
His: Coconut cake.
Her: I am not much of a cake eater more of a sweet eater! But if I had to choice I love ice cream cakes or white cake with fresh strawberries and bananas in it.

What is the first thing you do when you get home from work?
His: Give my wife a kiss then see how the kids are doing. 
Her: Start dinner.

What is a phrase or word your other half frequently says?
His: "Douche"
Her: "Babe" or with our kids "NO"
Did you exaggerate anything when you were first dating?
His: Yeah my income.
Her: NOPE, since this is my second marriage I was like take me like this or NOT. I was kind of "I am women hear me roar - honest, truthful"!

Who is your others half as a superhero?
His: She is wonder women because she goes above and beyond on everything and she does it all. 
Her: He's Superman - he swooped in while I wasn't looking and saved me! He showed me what LOVE is, what HAPPINESS is. He will protect me ALWAYS.

His&Her Q&A


  1. Awe!!! This is too cute! I LOVED really his answers. "too much boob" "lied about income" LOVE it all!

  2. haha "i am woman hear me roar!" i love that haha good that you didn't exaggerate anything. its so hard to do when you're trying to impress!

  3. I'm new to your blog from the linkup. Loved your answers! And I gave myself a little tour of your blog--too cute! I love it. :) New follower!

  4. New follower on GFC from ~ Paula

  5. Haha jean shorts?! Burn them!!! Too funny - glad I found you from the linkup! =]


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