A new hair style via pinterest

SO remember when I said one of my resolutions is to do an item a week that I pinned.

Well I did it...

A little story. Every 6 weeks we (my mom, daughter and myself) go to get our hair done [mainly because of my mommy's grey...shhhhh]. But it had now become our mother/daughter hang out time and I enjoy myself so much  - three generations bonding! On the flip side well I might have created a monster with primping - yikes.

Anyways this appointment I knew exactly what I wanted.... A variation of this..

So I had my handy iphone and pinterest app ready for my hair girl.

Here are the results... Yes it isn't exactly but I LOVE it....


My mom and me!!

She loves getting her hair done 

The Vintage Modern Wife


  1. Your hair looks great! I totally used Pinterest for inspiration before my last cut, too. Thanks for linking up with us!

  2. i love it! it turned out really great :) thanks for linking up with us! ps- if you wouldn't mind, could you add our button (you can find it here: http://www.thevintagemodernwife.com/2012/11/pinspired-style-seeing-red.html) to your post so people know that you're linking up? we'd really appreciate it!

  3. OMG love that! ...and it is absolutely adorable that you have Mommy/Daugther time at the hair salon... if I didn't have three girls I may just be able to afford that LOL


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