Blog Friends Book Club book review questions

Hello Everyone - another month gone, another book crossed off the list - I have to say I am enjoying this book so far and I am excited to see every one's reaction to this book.

So here are a few questions that we will be answering NEXT Tuesday!!!

Below are the optional book club questions for our B.F.B.C. book review. We will be hosting a link up to review the book on Tuesday December 4th. Join us! 

1. Which items on the list were most challenging to June? Which would you have the hardest time completing? Did any appeal to you?

2. Have you ever written a “life list?” If so, what sort of items were on it, and have you completed any of them? If you haven’t, why not?

3. At Sebastian’s party, guests who learn about the list assume that Marissa must have been unhappy if she was fat. Were they being, as one woman put it, “size-ist?” or it is impossible to be overweight and happy in this society?

4. Several of the items on the list were open to interpretation—do you think June did it in a way Marissa would have liked? What other ways might she have completed some of the tasks on the list?
5. If someone you loved died (or has died), what dream of his or hers would you most want to see fulfilled? What dream of yours do you fear might never happen if you died suddenly?
6. By the end of the book, June feels that she’s changed. What do you think had the biggest impact on her transformation

Supporting Domestic Violence Victims

I don't know if you remember but I had this post up early this year  - Angie's Run post last year! It is about our annual trip {quad riding, family gathering} in support of Angie [my brother's girlfriends sister].

We are trying to get on top of the event very EARLY this year!!!

Ok let's back up one second.

Angie's Run - it is our annual trip to honor Angie who was a victim of domestic violence. We gather each year in January {near her birthday} to honor her and her life. We gather family and friends and ride, drink and be merry in her honor. We also have t-shirts that you can buy and all proceeds go to a local domestic violence home. It honors her and hopefully brings awareness to others before it is too late. If you are interested in going with us details will follow and if you can not make {or if you can} please buy a t-shirt.

Here is the graphic of the t-shirt! They will be available in grey - woman's, men's and youth sizes!!
You can comment if you would like one!! The cost of the t-shirt is $15.00 plus shipping!! Please this supports a great cause so dear to us!!!

As for the trip this year it will be held on January 18 - 20, 2013 in Octillo Wells, California. Come out with us you can ride, you can visit, come for the day, stay for the weekend.

For up to date information check this out ANGIE's RUN

Hope to see you there!

Bissel sweeper - I should be paid for this stuff !

Ok, first off I think that Bissel SHOULD be paying me for this review BECAUSE let me tell you HOW MUCH I love this product.

I went to Kohl's a few weeks ago with my 30% off coupon and just had a blast. We have TILE floors throughout our house and NO more maid {okay I am trying to sneak her back in as needed - did I mention it is NEEDED time} so the cleaning is up to my hubby and I. Well actually now the kids can help out a little. One of the chores that I have mentioned that I DO NOT do is sweeping and mopping - I swear I feel that it just doesn't get clean or something IDK - vacuuming I am all over that {I love the lines the vacuum makes showing I did something ~ control much ~ geez}. Any ways back on to point here.

I picked up this amazing item Bissell Easy Sweep ! It came out to about $20 dollars - steal in my book.

I brought it home and crap - it was a flop... or I thought. I charged that puppy up and off I went. I got under the dinner table {if you have ever seen our table after the kids eat - yikes - I have been know to let the "vacuum dogs" in to clean up}, the couch, the tv stand and the best place the BATHROOMS [ I lose my hair A LOT when I blow dry it and I am always bending over and using toilet paper to clean it up } NO MORE this little item is amazing.

It also is easy enough to use that the kiddos fight as to who gets to clean up with it - YEAP that is right - maybe I should buy two??? ummm idea!!

It is also very easy to dump the trash just one little button while you have it over the trash can {yeap you guessed it the first time I did it I didn't have it right over the trash so I had to "sweep" again}.

So I would recommend this product for anyone with kids, dogs, tile floors, someone who doesn't like to sweep!!!

Here is a little picture of my wonderful hubby showing how wonderfully easy this item is!!

Another attempt at a hubby post

My first go around was well...take a look.

Since I have not been feeling in the best mood. This REALLY picked me up - and it FORCED the hubby to participate [hehe].

So here it goes...

What do you do when you're angry?
His: I yell. 
Her: I cry. I possibly yell a little. 

What is an item of clothing your other half has that you wish they would throw away?
His: Anything that she has that reveals too much boobs {his words ladies}
Her: His old school jean shorts - so not fashionable at ALL! 

What is the greatest family vacation you went on as a kid?
His: Lake Powell on a house boat.
Her: We went on a road trip up the coast of California and stayed at a real live dude ranch. We slept in the "bunkhouse", rode and groomed horses, ate country food and sat around with real cowboys.
Would you want to live in the city, country or beach?
His: Beach
Her: Country.
How do you handle farting in front of each other?
His: Just deal with it - a natural thing.
Her:  Just let it happen.

What is your favorite type of cake?
His: Coconut cake.
Her: I am not much of a cake eater more of a sweet eater! But if I had to choice I love ice cream cakes or white cake with fresh strawberries and bananas in it.

What is the first thing you do when you get home from work?
His: Give my wife a kiss then see how the kids are doing. 
Her: Start dinner.

What is a phrase or word your other half frequently says?
His: "Douche"
Her: "Babe" or with our kids "NO"
Did you exaggerate anything when you were first dating?
His: Yeah my income.
Her: NOPE, since this is my second marriage I was like take me like this or NOT. I was kind of "I am women hear me roar - honest, truthful"!

Who is your others half as a superhero?
His: She is wonder women because she goes above and beyond on everything and she does it all. 
Her: He's Superman - he swooped in while I wasn't looking and saved me! He showed me what LOVE is, what HAPPINESS is. He will protect me ALWAYS.

His&Her Q&A

Smooth legs

I just pinned the best thing on the planet - homemade body scrub.

With the hussle and bussle of thanksgiving over and Christmas upon us finding a cheap way to pamper myself is very important. So Pinterest here I come

And the best part is you have all of the ingredients in your pantry.

2 1/2 cups sugar
1 cup oil - I used what I had olive oil
5 tablespoons citrus juice - I used lemon
I added 1 tablespoon of vanilla

I headed out to workout and let it sit.

After getting a little sweaty I headed up for a hot bath. After reading a few chapters I rubbed my legs with the scrub. I shaved them then reapplied the scrub and shaved a second time. Talk about smooth.

Now this stuff is amazing but make sure you don't slip out of the bathtub. Yikes

Now a positive of taking a bath with the scrub is the fact that your entire body gets covered in it so your ENTIRE body gets smooth {wink}.

So I then headed to to the shower and after that lotion time. Okay I have NEVER had this smooth of legs. I think this will be my new regiment for shaving - you can ask my hubby!

But on top of this I think this would be amazing gifts for the women in my life - add a cute container and a written a note BINGO....

It is feeling a lot like....

Having FOUR days of amazing!!!

Thanksgiving was amazing - I did a short post from my iPad (minus pictures big FAIL) but great day.

Friday - I DID not venture out for black Friday - instead I slept in, made breakfast and we went to go get our Xmas tree (if any of you follow me on instagram you know I LOVE this time of year and have tons of boxes of decor).

The tradition in our family is to get our tree the day after thanksgiving (yikes didn't realize it was a week earlier then normal). Then we head home and decorate, decorate, decorate.

Now this year I decided to change from a blue/silver theme to a red/white/silver LOVE IT - on the inside anyways. So that meant a trip to Target - yes I did but not until like 4ish that day. While I was there I asked the Starbucks workers how it was. They said it was a mad house but the best thing to do is come about 5 hours after opening and you can still get the good deal stuff. REALLY?? How?? She said that the first people in line race in and grab multiples of everything and once they get to the register they typically (you will take a gamble of course) put most of the items back. Well the store is SOOO busy they don't have time to put the product back on the shelf until it slows down...AKA about 5 hours later!! SCORE. Now this method I might use next year {a big might}.

On Saturday we had another chill day. I decided I wanted to have a mom/son date. BIKE ride it was. We rode a total of 4.1 miles - so proud of my little man. IT was NICE to ride over 5 mph and to just spend quality time with him. Then later that day we headed to my cousin’s house to celebrate his daughter turning 13 - OMG how can that be. But she is turning into a beautiful young lady!! LOVE HER. While we all gathered for her birthday I got a chance to take a picture of the cousins together.

Family is so important. FAMILY is EVERYTHING.

On Sunday we wanted to take a family hike. SO MAPmyRUN out on my phone off we went. We did a total of 4.62 miles hills and all and even a stop at the local park!! A family that is active together will stay happy and healthy together. 

So as we get ready for the first FULL week in a while - I am refreshed, happy and eager to see what else is in store for me.

How was your weekend?

DO you have your house decorated yet???

Thanksgiving and a big FAIL as a blogger....

Ahhh having four days off from work - amazing. Sleeping in staying up late not really having any hard plans.

Lets start with Thursday - thanksgiving - my favorite holiday Food, Family, Friends, Fun! We noted at our new house this year. The menu included: 1 turkey, 3 turkey breasts, 1 ham, mashed potatoes {people said the best ever}, gravy, 3 stuffings, coconut cake, apple pie ( from apple farm), pumpkin pie, crack brownies and much more. We had tables set up every where, kids running around and laughter every where. I even tried for the first time a gentle men's jack shot.

So, you ask so many nice things but where is our proof?? That is where I failed not ONE picture people! Can you believe it? But you know what it was the best day. No regrets but hey babe if you read this I would love a "nice expensive" camera.


But don't worry we will have another gathering soon and a picture will be a priority.

Stay tuned for another recap for our Christmas traditions beginning.

Pet Peeves

I use this blog for many things and one of them is complaining expressing my thoughts!

So today I am talking about PET PEEVES - what drives you crazy, who drives you bunkers?

Today this pet peeve is in honor of my wonderful [yet still a man] hubby!

Why can my hubby of the ripe old age of 33 NOT clean out his pant pockets? Really? Mainly it is change and ear buds - see below for evidence. Now yes this is a small thing but something I have asked of him for eight years! Come on!

Why is it bad? Because he is a grown man - clean out your pockets, it gets stuck in the washer and sometimes the dryer - how do I know this because I hear the coins on a daily basis in them and I can't get them out I don't know where they go but they are in there.

see how close - please don't notice the dust :)
So what happens when he does clean out his pockets of change it goes here do you see how close that is to the actual piggy bank? Or in his top drawer - Umm really babe come on!

Why? Why?

his top drawer - really

Is there anything that drives you nuts about your significant other? Maybe your kids???
At least when I write about it I am not holding it all in - right?

Resolution in Motion.. HOW IS IT GOING???

Well if you remember I signed up for Resolution in Motion - here is my post about it.


For my RESOLUTION I wanted to do TWO things:

1. Lose the last 10 lbs {an oldie but goodie}
2. Make something new each week off of my pins! {I spend enough time pinning them might as well do something - it can be a craft, a food, a dessert, anything - JUST DO IT!}
So I wanted to let you know where I am at.
#1 - Well I still have time for that one [mother nature came calling and I DO NOT get on a scale for at least 3 days after]
#2 - that is going well....
I did my HAIR via pinterest....take a look.

We also did a cute craft getting ready for Christmas. We did a "tester" set for ourselves and NOW that I LOVE them we will be doing them for the neighbors, friends and family. Along with the decorated dishes we will be making a Christmas Candy to pass out.


I even ran to SamsClub and bought the LARGE set of colors of Sharpie's for our project.

So as we progress FORWARD I am excited to see that my #1 resolution fairs well and that I continue on with #2!!!!

Mudrun I DID it!!!

Ok remember when I freaked out when I signed up for the Mudrun (MudFactor) check it out here!

Well today was finally the day. I was freaked OUT even more today. I kept checking to see if it was canceled NO such luck.

To back up a little - I joined this mudrun as part of my works - health & wellness movement. So being the ONLY women who signed up with 3 guys (one bailed out) I had to make face. Now let me tell you a few things about me....

I am afraid of heights.
I hate being cold.
I hate being wet.
I hate being dirty.

Everything that this mudrun is! BUT I LOVE it!!! I think I have a new addiction! I am already googling  the Color Run!!!

The entire group

my wonderful hubs and me
So the day started out with a little rain and a whole lot of orange....

My hand and arm and the hubs legs after

When our 10 am start time approached my excitement went to unexpected. We took off with the other crazy about of people wanting to enjoy the mud. The first part is tons of hills and jogging then finally we got to the REAL stuff - the obstacles. So here I have to admit that I could not fully do them all. I started up the 15 foot high wall and had a minor/major panic attack (remember I am afraid of heights) and I decided that this was not worth it for me - so yes I went around a few of them - I did go over the 9 foot one which made me feel like I accomplished a little of my fear. Then the FUN began a 60 foot slip in slide that landed in a pool of mud. We took the slide with a group of 6 from our team and oh man well I got a few scraps, bruises and cuts - but well worth it.

After the mud pit came more MUD - DEEP mud, crazy hills, slippery slopes, tunnels and then the army crawl time.

I am the orange shirt with my butt in the air - trying to bear crawl - couldn't last long though because wires very low and close to each other.

Then we were on our way to the finish line to get our amazing medals and GROUP dirty picture.

A little mud anyone????

Before and After pics with my longest ever friend

So I can tell you this was well worth the anxiety, the aches, the pains, the scrapes BECAUSE it was the best exercise and team building I have ever done.

Who wants to join me for the next one?????

Thankful for....

Today I am THANKFUL for so much. AND I really want to remember that.

Because sometimes...

I get down in the dumps.
I get upset.
I get frustrated.
I get greedy sometimes.
I get impatient.
I get sad.

BUT WAIT a minute.....

I am happy.
I am loved.
I am surrounded by wonderful people.
I am caring.
I am loving.
I am supportive.
I am thankful.............


My husband - my rock, my equal, my true happiness.
My children - my life, my spirit, my reason to work harder.
My brother - aka my first child, my friend, my everything
My mother - my always supporter
My career - LOVE what I do
My friends - without them life would not be filled with joy, laughter, drama, gossip, dates and just plain old girl time.
My family - I LOVE MY family. We are always there for each other, time doesn't change us, LOVE.
My future - it is bright, it is wonderful.

So TODAY I am THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I will make sure to remind myself as much and as often as I can.

What about you?????

Raising Kids

I believe in raising our kids OUR way. It is also a learning CURVE - more of a process of trial by error. I have learned to NEVER say NEVER when it comes to raising our kids.

Here are a few things that goes into the LIFE of raising our kids: {Now why I am writing this? Because people at one point of our life have either disagreed with us or told us we were not doing it right - really people? None of your business unless I am harming them}

So again here is a little that happens when the hubs and I are raising our kiddos!!! (obviously this is a minor part but stuff that seems to have people giving us their opinion)

- We allow them to watch TV - now I will say it is kid approved, kid friendly and the only adult show they watch is Cupcake Wars - people. We love TV it is a time for us to bond, a time for momma to leave them on the couch and cook dinner, a place that we can curl up together and relax. Also, our kids are amazing when we don't feel well they can chill in front of the tv. NOW on that point we can go days even  weeks without even turning it on but baby I will use it!!!

- Electronics - HELLz yeah! They know how to use the iPhone, iPad, computer, Kindle Fire, leap Pad and the list can go on. I love that they are educated in the world of technology!

- Limited candy/chocolate/sweets - now when the babies were first born we had a NO chocolate NO candy NO sweets rule - even their first cakes were sugar free with NO icing! Yeap I am was that parent.  Well NOW I am a little more relaxed so they got like one piece of candy at Halloween and I don't freak out when their grandparents maybe give them a brownie.

I guess these things are minor but I get tired of hearing that others have such a STRONG opinion about how I do things. I am always WILLING to give advice, take advice, listen and not give my opinion. I don't like to interfere unless the child in in danger - that is my thoughts.

Now why write this now? well because despite ALL the things listed our KIDS are amazing and you know why???

We had our first parent-teacher conference for the boy for his 1st trimester!! OMG let me tell you he had 100% on everything except 3 questions in math - I guess it is common for kids up to 7 to right a 3 like a E and he wrote 13 instead of 31 [she told us that they have not even studied 31 yet!! - so not bad] and one more but who cares.

I know they say that being a parent is the best job to ever have but you never know if you get it right until when??? Well I think we are on the track of greatness. He is smart, he is sweet, he is adventurous, he is reserved, he is my little man, he is such a big boy and he is proving to be amazing!

I just pray and hope that he stays on the right track and we can teach him to make the right choices - for himself, for his sister, for his future!

So on this journey of being a parent I am going to take it ALL in and enjoy every moment 

The WINNER is.....

I want to say
to everyone who reads my corner of the web,
who comments,
who encourages,
who entered the giveaways,
who helped PROMOTE small businesses....
So the WINNER is.....
My Photo
an email has already been sent.....

A new hair style via pinterest

SO remember when I said one of my resolutions is to do an item a week that I pinned.

Well I did it...

A little story. Every 6 weeks we (my mom, daughter and myself) go to get our hair done [mainly because of my mommy's grey...shhhhh]. But it had now become our mother/daughter hang out time and I enjoy myself so much  - three generations bonding! On the flip side well I might have created a monster with primping - yikes.

Anyways this appointment I knew exactly what I wanted.... A variation of this..

So I had my handy iphone and pinterest app ready for my hair girl.

Here are the results... Yes it isn't exactly but I LOVE it....


My mom and me!!

She loves getting her hair done 

The Vintage Modern Wife

Two Dresses One Day

This weekend started off rough. The baby girl had to come home early because she wasn't feeling good. So Friday night it was a low key night for the babies. The hubby watched them so I could run and get my mani/pedi and facial/waxing because we had two BIG events this weekend.

The BIGGEST and funniest (typically for me) is our Annual Family Photo - we do this every year all 4 of us, create Christmas cards, large portrait in the living room, kid only pictures and of course just me and hubs!! This year we went with the Cobalt Blue theme (love it). We headed over to take the pictures to just come face to face with the Founder's Parade (crap totally need to remember that next year). The hubs had to drop me and the kiddos off and park about 1 mile away (no joke). We did make it in time - woo wee.

We took our pictures at Picture People {LOVE THEM} HOWEVER they really need to teach new poses for the photographers to use AND they need to add silver themed Christmas decor [two years in a row we have had a more silverish theme and they only have gold - watch I switch to gold/red next year they have silver - my luck]. I also had GREAT coupons for today - their $18 bundle and 50% off ALL sheets and Christmas Cards - SCORE + no sitting fee!!! We walked out with a large loot for only $99 bucks!! Well I didn't sprang for the CD {$150 bucks - no thank you}

The boys are just too cute {Twiners} and the girls oh so pretty (despite my baby girl being sick she was a real trooper for mommy) - keep in mind the photos below are taken of a photo {remember to cheap to buy the CD}.

Another reason I love my honey he takes these type of pictures with me..
My TRUE happiness
Sneak Peak 

Sneak Peak 

Sneak Peak 

I think our photos came out so cute. I adore our little family!!!!

Now on to EVENT/OUTFIT number 2 of the weekend {both on Saturday actually}. The hubs and I attended a formal work event {hellz bellz I will take every opportunity to get dolled up - my nails, my hair, new outfit hehe}. I searched and searched for an outfit and after going to 7 stores I ran across this one at Nordstrom on sale and I used a gift card!!!

Yellow FRIDAY coming soon.....

With the holiday season approaching rapidly I am already making my lists, scouting etsy, coming up with creative homemade items and just really excited about this time of year - time with my family and friends.

This year I get to add my BLOG friends to that. This community is awesome.
With that WE [blog world] are great about helping others!!
I wanted to support small businesses so I did the GIVE A WAY (still have time to enter head over).
Well a few LOVELY ladies that I adore chatting with via email and stocking them on their blog is

I adore them.
Great posts
Great Giveaways
Great advice
and you know what they are supporting small businesses too.
Check out YELLOW FRIDAY....
it is like Black Friday
Cyber Monday
BUT with a twist on small businesses and this wonderful community!!
November 16 - 18 and there are SO MANY great people, items and stores for you to shop!!
So please take a moment - look at the companies, tweet about this, LET's help people one gift at a time!!!

Forget it FRIDAY

I want to FORGET that the man I thought could move our nation forward didn't win. With that being said I HOPE and pray that the one who did win can turn us in the right direction.

I want to FORGET the bad comments, harsh words and negative thoughts during this election time.

I want to FORGET that in 4 years when we vote again our kids will be 9 and 8  - holy cow!!

I want to FORGET that I have not worked out in over a week because I am still not feeling well.

With all of my FORGETting this week I do want to say that it is time for everyone to pull up your boot straps and get this country to greatness. I still believe it needs to be ran like a business NOT a personal quest BUT as long as the notion is as a country we will not fail.

I DON'T want to FORGET that my kids are doing wonderful at soccer, homework is challenging yet something they actually enjoy doing, that I just booked a couple massage for the hubs and I for our anniversary, that I started my Christmas shopping, that our house is decorated for FALL and also I DON'T want anyone FORGETting about the wonderful small business GIVEAWAY that I am PROUD to be offering for all of you.

So let's FORGET all of the crap and lets move on to a great weekend!

My weekend includes our family pictures, a formal work event that we get to dress up for and a little relaxation time. I will see you all on the flip side!!!

One Year Twenty Wishes

Catching up on my blogs today I stopped at Jesse's Girl and she is talking about Debbie Maccomber's book Twenty Wishes ( I am an avid reader and I love Debbie's books). I actually read this book when it first came out - LOVE it.

So a once a month link up was created...

So, what we’d like to do is write OUR own lists of Twenty Wishes. We’ve decided to put a time limit on it being twelve months starting in December… In other words you have twelve months to complete your twenty wishes. Then next December we’ll each write a new list.
Once a month from now on, starting in December, we’ll host another link up. One where you can write about the wish(es) you’ve accomplished over the last month. Kayli and I plan to photograph the completion of each of our wishes, so we have something concrete to look back on later! If you haven’t accomplished anything don’t fret… Some will take the full year I’m sure, and that’s OK. But the ENTIRE point is to do these things before next December because you never know how much time you have left.

Truly Lovely

SO here are my two wishes...

1. Make homemade Christmas Decorations
2. Create a "healthy" option Thanksgiving dinner
3. Try a new food place (so hard for me)
4.  Lose 10lbs (is that a common one)
5. Get rid of "unnecessary" items - like those coach purses
6. Coordinate or attend a SoCal blogger meet up
7. Go on a 20 mile bike ride
8. Take a hubby and me hike over 10 miles
9. Pay it forward in the Starbucks line
10. Find a NEW career/job (I am Human Resources if anyone knows of something)
11. Think up a business plan for myself to start
12. Have a daughter/mother date
13. Have a son/mother date
14. Sponsor an animal at the zoo
15. Buy a star
16. HIT 300 followers
17. Pay off my car early
18. Get up to RUNNING non-stop for 5 miles
19. Build a nail rack (yes me with tools)
20. Make a difference to someone

Just writing my wishes is great BUT I want to have them come true. So here is to a year of fulfilling my wishes! 

Support for Sandy... Comfort food and more

Ok I had this post ready for a week or so but didn't publish this is why... I just found this and I HAD to join in. Frugal Foodie Mama posted this great post .

Comfort food and HELPING Sandy victims my kind of thing....

My hubby and I already donated via our cellphones text RED CROSS to 90999 $10 a time!!!! BUT here is something else you can do. Join the Support for Sandy..

{this section from Food Blogger's Support For Sandy}
please donate to help those in need. Who to donate to? Several organizations are dedicating themselves to helping the victims of hurricane Sandy. Some of the larger ones include:
  • American Red Cross is providing food, shelter, and other forms of support to hurricane victims. You can donate directly to the Red Cross or  you can also text the word “Redcross” to 90999 to make a $10 donation.
  • The Salvation Army is also focused on providing food, shelter, and support to victims, and takes donations for storm relief.
  • Feeding America is providing food, water and supplies to those who need it as part of their disaster relief program.
We’ll be tweeting using the hashtag #FBS4Sandy; be sure to ask your friends to join us. I hope this effort manages, in some small way, to wrap the arms of the food blogging community around those who are in such need; we have a lot to give!
NOW on to my comfort food with a healthy twist....

Remember when I posted my menu for this week? If not check it out here!

Well I have done GREAT  - 2 for 2 so far.

The meatloaf and zucchini tots - FABULOUS tasty - hubby said it was the best meatloaf yet! SCORE

Then we had the Corn Chowder last night. Well being on WW Plus I crave soups but NOT the points. So how do I make this calorie/fat/point high item able for me to eat it???

I MAKE it over people.

Take a look...

RECIPE ORIGINAL (changes in red)


  • 4 potatoes (peeled and diced) - I used fingerling potatoes small about 5 - 6  
  • 1 Can of cream corn
  • 1 Can of whole kernel corn
  • 2 Cups of chicken broth
  • 8 Ounces of diced ham
  • 1 Cups of diced onions
  • 1/4 Cups of butter - I used less then 2 tablespoons                      
  • 2 Cups of half and half - I used 1 cup of 1% milk
  • I added ONE FULL head of cauliflower
I put everything BUT the butter and milk in the crock pot for 8 hours on low. When I got home I added the butter and milk and off to soccer we went. By the time we got home the house smelled yummy and with a freezing cold night {for Cali standards} soup was needed.
Before I served it I got out my potato masher and mashed up all of the ingredients right there in the crock pot. It was so creamy, delish and tasted yummy.
I got rave reviews from the entire family even the boy who complains before he tries anything.
For WW Plus points it is 4 points {for about 1 1 /4 cup} so worth it!!
How do you make over a MUST have recipe????

    Supporting Small Businesses & A Giveaway

    As I was browsing Etsy for Christmas gifts this year {yeap I have officially started} and I was thinking I just love finding creative cute items for people and to help out small businesses - it is a win win in my book.

    So I wanted to share with you my followers - my friends a little early Christmas as well - and why not spread the good news on several small businesses. Maybe you will like what they offer, maybe you will buy something, maybe you will spread the word.

    This is what is GREAT about this community. You meet people, you help people.

    AND top of everything else maybe you can WIN SOMETHING....

    I have SIX small businesses that I have bought from, love their products and I think you will too.

    The first up is a near and dear {real} friend of mine. We grew up together right next door to each other our ENTIRE lives we even have boys only 4 months apart - Friends Raising Friends I say.

    So here is a little about Jennifer with Crafty Tagz

    My name is Jennifer and I'm a part time stay-at-home mom to my Kindergarten son. I started making pet collars and ID tags in November of 2008. My kitty (Tinkerbell) refused to wear a collar that had a hanging tag. I started to look around for a tag to attach to her collar. I found nothing that would work for her. I found slide on tags, but they didn't slide onto a cat collar. So, I decided to make a collar for her...and that started my business!

    I have been working to expand & grow my business so that one day I can be a full-time stay at home mommy and be able to take care of my family to the best of my ability.

    GIVEAWAY: Custom collar of your choice. Choose from any of our designs pictured on our facebook or etsy page. You pick the size and it is custom made for your pet.Zebra Print Dog Pet Cat Collar Super Cute Animal Print Adjustable

    You can follow Crafty Tagz: {it will be part of the giveaway enteries}
    Crafty Tagz FACEBOOK Crafty Tagz TWITTER Craft Tagz ETSY

    Up Next is the woman that finished off my beautiful office transformation... She created my custom order Chevron blackout curtains [they finished the room along with reducing our electricity bill]. She is offering my wonderful followers and readers 2 pillowcovers/slipcovers. Please check her out at

    Now one of the people that I am buying for likes running so I simply googled running in ETSY and ran across this amazing bracelet and found a lovely lady that creates them.
    Her name is Debbie over at
    So as I order my christmas gift for someone on my list you get an oppurtunity to win one too.
    Take a look
    I RUN BECAUSE...Wrap Bracelet - Running Jewelry - Motivational Jewelry -  Nickel Silver Pendant on 3 ft of Micro Fiber Suede

    on another search I wanted t-shirts for a few men that I know {engineers actually} and I thought the shirts were amazing. As I filled up my cart with 5 shirts you can fill up your cart with 1 shirt as well {valued up to $14.95 with free shipping}. The store is Signature Shirts. Once I contacted her for this giveaway she was so sweet and nice I couldn't help but be so proud of small business owners. Please check her out at:

    signaturetshirts FACEBOOK  signaturetshirts PINTEREST signaturetshirts TWITTER

    Eat CLEAN Train DIRTY Burnout Tank Razor back  top S - 2XL Free Shipping

    The next is Creatively Cute by Lisa. She designed my Christmas Cards for several years and the invites for my babies parties!! I have know this girl as well for YEARS. She is a new mom and a wonderful person - she is an Army wife and I have utmost respect, love and encouragement for our militarty and their family. GO check her out and maybe you can win a new set (shipping not included).

    Another Lovely Lady that I have found on this blog journey owns her own business as well. Her name is Leah and she blogs over at Lovely Life of Leah. Check her out - nice as nice can be and a BIG hello kitty addict. So what does she have for you... the best hair tyes I have ever had. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I bought like 20 of them... They are perfect not only for my hair but my daughter loves them - hello it holds your hair and doesn't pull it when you take them out. And man they come in some many colors....

    SO enter, SHARE, LIKE, spread the joy, spread the life of these wonderful small business owners!!!!
    I only wish I was as creative and talented as these ladies to have a shop of my own as well.

    Also, TAKE the time to view another great give-a-way for a small business on Karen's blog
    Patching Hearts!

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