Weekend Recap..birthday celebration and a bunch of...

As I sit down to write my weekend recap I notice that my page views were reset??? What the heck happened with that? Did anyone else experience this? I am a little bummed but what do you do?

Back to my weekend recap. 

Friday night we had a family gathering at our house for my hubby's birthday. Two of his siblings, our nieces and nephews and his step mother came over for pizza, cake and a great low key evening. It is great to just get together to "hangout" no real plans kind of night.

Saturday was a great day.

Soccer pictures then we were off for lunch with my mom {her treat for the hubs birthday - his favorite Buffalo Wild Wings }and good ole pumpkin patch time. We took the kids to the local pumpkin patch {to have the experience}. They picked out small pumpkins [$6 bucks a piece]! It was a blast just seeing them run around [I do wish the weather was cooler but I still dressed for the part - of course]. I even saw that you could have a birthday party there {idea for next year maybe...}. When it came time for the hubby and I to pick out our pumpkins we could just not do it {$32 dollars for big pumpkins - really - you have got to be kidding me}. So instead we headed over to Sams Club - $9.97 baby! That's right and look how big they are {in the background of the babies photo}!!

This year we decided NOT to carve them but to paint them. The kids had a blast and they will last so much longer.

Sunday was even a better day! 

I made Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes for breakfast {for them not me} and then we were off to celebrate his birthday with his mom and dad. We went in on this wonderful bike {a Giant - so light and he loves it}. The entire family [including the little girl] went for a 4.2 mile {round trip} bike ride!! Great fun and exercise. After the wonderful ride we went to the Lazy Dog cafe for lunch yummy {thanks mom and dad}. We then headed over to Golden Spoon for a wonderful afternoon treat. 

We then headed home for a much needed and wanted nap. I fell asleep so fast I didn't even remember taking off my shoes. After we woke up and lounged around for a while we headed to Target to exchange the hubbies pants and then it was off to Sport Authority for a new bike pump {thank you gift cards}. 

I was in the mood for dinner but I didn't want to cook and I had no idea what I wanted - do you ever have that problem??? Well we mindlessly drove around until we found this little BBQ place. It sounded good to me. WE head in and guess what??? - Kids eat FREE on Sundays - SCORE. 

What a busy YET rewarding weekend!! 

What did you do??? 


  1. I love that you got the big pumpkins from Sams...we did the exact same thing!


  2. I really need to get out and get our house some pumpkins. Looks like a fun weekend!

  3. Sounds like it was a great weekend! Pumpkin patches are really fun and I don't even know how much we paid- I just wanted out of the chaos lol. Painting pumpkins is the best ever! Their pumpkins look great and the boys smile- sooooo cute!

  4. Love the pumpkin patch pics!! Buffalo Wild Wings is our favorite too!


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