Weekend Recap - New Friends, Camping, Riding

Sometimes what you need is a good recharge!!!

That happened for me this weekend. I stepped away from social media [ok a few posts on Instagram] and it was wonderful. I didn't have my phone in my hands other then for a few photos.

This weekend we went for our first camping/riding trip of the year. We went with a group of the greatest friends! We just met them a few months ago but I swear it is like we have known each other forEVER.

There were a total of 6 kids (all about the same age) running around and enjoying every moment. I was able to relax, talk and just have a blast with no worries.

Back up just a minute...the fun started on Friday morning. I was able to be the stay at home mom life {just for a day}. I got to sleep in a little, take my boy to his actual kindergarten class and meet his teacher, I got to shove all of my errands and chores in the three hour window before it was time to fight the traffic to pick him up. It was the best feeling to be able to do that!

Then we were off! Us, babies, my mom and of course the puppies!!!

Being that we left early on Friday we even got a few rides in on Friday. So get prepared for a photo dump because I am an awe over our incredible weekend and connecting with amazing friends!!!

All of the kids

OUR 30 mile rhino trip!

Our two little quad riders! They did amazing

Look what we can do MOM!

a little rock climbing, cave finding and look at those men going up the wall on bikes (not my hubby)

Our camp group!

Look the pink makes it officially mine :)

This is waking up in trailer style
So here is to great friends, great memories and looking forward to the next trip!!!

Just a reminder that the FORGET it FRIDAY link is still open!

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  1. Looks like it was a blast! I really want to try the whole riding/driving in the rhino/quad thing some day. Not sure about camping, but the ride looks fun.


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