Tid bit of advice on this blog journey + my 200 follower giveaway

I have grown so very fond of this blog community. I get some much out of it including {but not limited too} meeting incredible people, getting encouraging words and to add the guilt free icing on top of my cake - giveaways, raffles, prizes - I am over the top excited when I win!!

Now I am here today to SAY THANK YOU to my 200+ followers (as of today at 8am). I am over the top happy about this. I actually can not believe that my blog about me and my thoughts has gained your approval and you want to see my thoughts, my family, my fun, my ups and downs. Just like everyone else I started this blog for myself - an outlet, a venting board BUT never would I have imagined the greatness out of the blog community.

I want to THANK YOU all with a little raffle of my one. $20 gift card to YOUR CHOICE. It can be Target, Starbucks, Amazon, Nordstrom, Subway!! This is a THANK YOU so I would like it to be your choice. There will be one winner and the ONLY requirement is to me a follower of my blog!! {Extra entries will be available}.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So here is my advice about GIVEAWAYS...

Now I put in the time entering, following, tweeting, commenting so when it comes time that I have won - I am so glad that I put the time into doing it.

I also put in time when I am hosting a give-a-way. I set up the super easy user friendly rafflecopter, I find people that want to do a give-a-way, I promote the company, I write/type out personalized notes for the winners, I make sure to mail out the items in a timely matter and I follow up after I mail it and a few weeks later to ensure they received it [okay this step I should do earlier] but the point is I believe you put in  a lot of time so make it worth it.

Just the other night I went through my momfittingitallin email folder and I followed up with EVERYONE I have done a swap with, a person that won a prize from me, a person that I won a prize from and I followed up with either a thank you, how is the item, do you like it and even where is the prize I won.

I realize that we all have very busy lives and tons of things on our plate but if I could make a recommendation for you it is to

....... FOLLOW Up !!!!!

By following up you are showing that you care, that what you won/gave was received by the other person and if some reason it fell through the cracks it can be fixed!

With sending out my emails I was able to get a response from two of the items I won and never received {follow up pays off}.

So here is to great giveaways, raffles, prizes and swaps!!!

Before I leave today here is a picture of my daughter and I! Dress Day!!

My dress is an oldie but goodie - Target
Cowboy boots - remember Birthday Gift time???
My daughters dress - Hello Kitty she received for her birthday

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  1. Congrats on hitting 200 followers!!! Here's to 200 more! :)


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