Stressed out...Maybe..A lot...

On days like this I NEED to refer to my HAPPY post just a few days ago - Ironically I was BEYOND happy the other day and TODAY I am STRESSED out. Not just one thing BUT many.
I was telling my hubby just the other day that this month was the FIRST of no PMS - well maybe it just came later this month.
The kids are driving me nuts! Not major things just I DON'T even know what it is - probably just my stressed out mood that is making it bad. I am making and {most of the time} achieving greater patience with the kids [proud of myself]. Last night it started with my hubby running late from work which meant my meeting was not going to happen {really bummed because I love what I do for that group but then again an unexpected night off???- priceless}.
So what did I do with my unexpected night off??  - I went through my children's closets to get rid of TOO short pants from last season [yikes another stress point the kids need fall/winter clothes]. This is normally very relaxing for me I love to get rid of things I love to clean out the closests. WELL not this time. My wonderful loving daughter wanted to give away her ENTIRE closet including the new clothes she just got for her birthday. So after I fished the new items out of the give a way pile and put everything away I was too frustrated to get to the boys clothes {another day I guess}.
After that I thought well lets do the bills and check on our money [seriously what was I thinking just add another log to my stressed out FIRE]. Over the last few months we have been doing great - paying cash, only using our budget. We even paid for the entire babies birthday with cash. Our credit cards are paid off and we were good until I checked our account. Really - and of course the dogs need shots, tags, the trailer insurance is due, and the list goes on....
After the encounter with our money I was determined to workout and not let my weight be another stress for me. I worked out on the ellpitical so I could at least catch up on shows (have to say beside the homemade chicken noodle soup this was the highlight for me).
It seems to happen this time of the year: Kids birthday, hubbies birthday, Halloween, car tags due, annual trailer insurance, thanksgiving, anniversary, Christmas then finally January comes and we think a little break {praying for one}.
Oh yes that brings me to my hubbies birthday present. He is really amazing and he does go without most of the year so this year he has been asking for a street bicycle and his parents are going in on 1/2 - oh yes I need to now pull the rest of what I owe on my 1/2 today out of my ass!! Wonderful!!!
So stressed out due to PMS {love being a women love having raging hormones}, money {this will not be a stress at one point of my life, right???} and I would think I can add A TON of items but I am not - I am know going to go to my HAPPY post and get my HAPPY back on.
I WILL not stay on this stressy crappy train for long.
I do have to say it at least makes me feel better to write about it. If anyone wants to pay bills for me or split the winning lotto with me that would get rid of my money stresses as for the PMS and hormone raging issues I am thinking I need to see a doctor about this [a downside of not being on birth control for me].
DON'T forget about my FORGET it FRIDAY Link up going LIVE tomorrow!! I have so many things to forget!!!!!!!!!!

What about you????

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  1. Oh no girl, I'm so sorry to hear that you are stressed :( I guess it happens to the best of us. And money is sure the biggest one to plummet my mood. I am so proud of you for taking the negative energy and making it a positive by working out. You work so hard on every front in your life you deserve to be stress free. I hope PMS exists your life FAST and that everything works out in the end. We too are going to be dealing with this shit- seeing as I need new tires and to pay $500 cash and afford everything else is a tight I don't want to live with right now. Why is being an adult so effing stressful?!


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